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  1. Wow only these devs would release an entirely new system to steal bases and ships at fkn 12 midnight est....on a Thursday night.... Well least we know you guys really do cater to the Chinese (prime time for them right now) r.i.p. atlas devs don't give a shit about their playerbase....Inc wipe sooner than later.
  2. for some reason its saying i dont have enough resources but i have over double the amount of everything and still cant make it......io even made sure to get the full ammount of the same materials so that i didnt have different types of wood or hide for example........wont let me buy a ramshackle sloop. multiple reports of this throughout the servers but this is specifically happening to the L5 freeports for me.
  3. so you increased the f'n cost of behemoth gates, yet you dont fix the fact they cant place worth sh*t unless its on the ground..... Ive been trying to block this opening to our base for f'n 2 days now demoing 60 walls and ceilings the the thing still wont f'n snap correctly.........make fence foundations snappable to ceilings and behemoth gates snappable to them just like ark was....shouldnt be so god dam hard when the rest of the game is exactly like ark
  4. Hello, so today we killed a bunch of ghost ships with our brigatine and we did recieve some minor damage. Specifically a wooden doorway and door, a wall above it, and our diving ship attachment all got demolished during the fight. Ever since then i have not been able to replace these items as it gives me "Too many structures on this platform" error no matter where i try to attach anything to the ship.
  5. We are merging with one of the largest companies in-game and there is a massive but atm that when inviting someone to the company the person instantly disconnects. Please fix this ASAP as we have 50 members trying to finish a merger that currently is impossible due to this bug.
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