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  1. [NA-PVP|Krakens Maw] WoodenAxe Gaming Company - Guzman’s Ravagers Who we are in Atlas: Guzman’s Ravagers is a dedicated company of adult gamers that are a part of the WoodenAxe Gaming Community. We are experienced survival players and have thousands of hours collectively since launch. We are part of a large Trade Alliance in secure area of the Atlas world. What can we offer: We have a land that is well defended, we have access to all the primary resources in large quantities. Our main location is in a tile adjacent to a Golden Age Ruin. We are located in a temperate Biome which allows reasonable travel times to all the other biome types. Helpful active adult members that are eager to share information. What can You do with WoodenAxe in Atlas: Our goal is to become a respected reasonably sized Company, to participate is sea battles, land securing, trade, and game content completion. You are encouraged to join our company directly, we are open to absorbing smaller companies. We are not looking for random players to fill out a company roster. We are looking to build gaming friendships for Atlas and beyond. Active Times We have players from around the world, however there are more active times. CST - 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. / 9:00 p.m. - When we get tired =p We are very interested in talking with EU and Pacific players, English is our primary language for the sake of an enjoyable experience for you and us please be fluent. Captains Log 2132019 Company is growing and I am looking ahead to setting the company up for long term success. We are setting up governance so that it works over the long term as the company grows. Currently the leader of the company does not have final say, the council does. The leader can only object/veto up to 3 times and then the decision goes to a super majority vote of the council. Elections are able to be called once per month on the first of each month and to be held within 5 days. This allows for leadership opportunities and also so that company members do not feel that the leadership is an elitist clique of close friends. We are currently putting together a constitution for the company which outlines the core beliefs of the companies founders and then amendments that further refine those beliefs.
  2. So a popular harbor defense is to place ceilings on pillars just under the water line. What this causes is any ship that touches them to bug out and in almost all cases instantaly does massive damage and sinks the ship. This is a tactic that we have used because of its effectiveness. However we fell victim to this from a "seawall" that was strung staright out from shore a long way and we clipped it in the fog. The ship sunk and when the ship came to rest at the bottom the captains quarters were glitched into a large underwater rock. All the ships resources were in a resource chest that was inside this large rock that we could not get to. This cost us over a thousand gold. The sea wall glitching of boats really needs addressed, but also as important boats shouldnt settles into the undewater rocks. https://gyazo.com/69a4bffd2ec174fa8520d3883a0bbc12 Thanks in advance
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