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  1. Some of many suggestions for QoL of ATLAS Add delay to shield bash stun (so it can't be continuous), make it so target soft spot can't 1 shot knock people out (overhead swing) or 2 shot knock people out (regular hit), nerf swivel tame damage/eliminate the ability to add swivels to tames, buff end game content (kraken/yeti)/treasure map XP, buff firearm damage against armor, nerf pvp food/alcohol buffs
  2. So apparently in one of tonight's patches, sap was added onto the tundra biome. I live in a tundra region and have yet to find anything. Any idea what kind of sap it is/what to look for?
  3. M7 on NA PVP is doing the same thing. Ridiculous
  4. I'm having same problem as well on M7. I can't even join a new atlas (make new character) which I think is because of this situation. This needs to be addressed why and how long till fix.
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