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  1. Clouds_strife

    Painting the Keel (click point?)

    hold ctrl and hold right click to move the sail.
  2. Clouds_strife

    Painting the Keel (click point?)

    I still cant find the point for the ribs for a schooner.
  3. Clouds_strife

    Audio game crash

    I have a fatal crash bug. When I swap audio sources while the game is running the game crashes. For example: I own a steelseries arctis pro wireless. If I run the game with headphones as my audio output, then I unplug it to switch to speakers while in game. The game will crash.
  4. Clouds_strife

    Unable to Build some items

    I have a bug where so far I cant build a large storage box or smithy even though i have the ability to and the materials. ive tried double clicking and hitting e and nothing works.
  5. Clouds_strife

    Unable to paint ship ribs and nameplate

    Hello can you guys make it possible to paint the ribs and nameplate after it has been built for a schooner? I've tried painting from the rudder like for brigs, but the same technique doesn't work for schooners.