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  1. I would LOVE some help in learning how to do tattoos. I've googled, scoured atlas plays, looked on youtube. It's like a well kept secret....sigh
  2. Yes, please how did you do this so nicely!? I've been googling and searching youtube and no one has anything on how to do these.
  3. Don't know why those folks are not responding. It's not like we haven't noticed these things. SMH...
  4. Hello, I've been playing Atlas from the start of it and LOVE this game! However, since the recent wipe of islands being removed and new ones added it's been difficult, if not impossible to find ironwood and darkwood. I've heard that ironwood is no longer a thing?? And Darkwood needs an elephant to harvest the bamboo for it? Thought I'd bypass that and jaunted over to the Freeport to purchase some from the commodities vendor, only he's not there. He's not standing in any of his normal areas on any of the freeports I went to on the server I'm on. Has he been removed? Also, when pressing "H" on resources it'll say "Sandstone, Chert, Iron" but when you harvest it it's actually "Marble, Chert, Iron". This has been happening on a bunch of different resources so when out and about the only sure way to know for sure what each island has is to actually harvest it. As this has been seen on other servers is there a 'bug fix' in the works for it? Back to our Missing persons report, where is the commodities vendor? Will he be back??
  5. I'm experiencing this too. After each disconnect the folders I created in my inventory are gone. Would be awesome if they stayed and saved so I wouldn't have to recreate them every time.
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