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  1. For those that arent aware: - Your characters age is based on the time you created your character to today. (Or from the time you drink from the fountain) - There is no parental system as yet - this is all speculation - There is no character death at 100 yet - this is all speculation Now that's cleared up here's the problem: - Players who can only play limited hours per day/per week are severely penalised by the fact their player has now aged considerably and every 3 weeks they will be 90. - Players who elect to say "screw the fountain" and yolo the debuff suffer the % stat reduction lower than the base level. - Players who have created their character before yours and do constantly get the fountain get (currently not uncapped) bonuses every 3 weeks. - There is NO CATCH UP MECHANIC and no way to limit your enemies from getting the fountain since its relatively hard to lock down the island. (if you could it would be an even worse advantage) - New and Casual players which account for quite a bit of game pop according to steam charts are the ones hit the most by this. Some easier ways to improve this system (but better to be completely removed): - Remove the old age debuff and stay on Base statistics - Slow down aging or at least base it on PLAYTIME. - Cap the recurring bonus and to keep them you gotta goto the fountain.
  2. I dont understand why there are buffs or debuffs based on Playtime or when your created your character. It is the dumbest mechanic ever - not only does it gives one playstyle an exponential advantage and crutch, it penalises other play styles with a debuff. Finding a wife is a dumber mechanic than this one. The whole thing is stupid.
  3. I can see why tho that full stop was supposed to be a comma as in one of the three options. I was just fresh off a night out when typing it though
  4. Why are we even arguing on this post - its just not fun to be overrun by NPCs. Its fun when there are things you can do to actually get better, like use different items/weapons/better armour/better stats - you know like... Progression. But that is not what we have in Ark. I stack 200 HP and time my shots. It was bad but dealable when we could head shot consistently for kills now you cant even do that. We were gathering turnips yesterday and surrounded by packs of lvl 20+ wolves. Level 19 wolves can take TWO Pistol headshots and a Pike swipe. We spent a lot of time killing them and corpse running trying to get our weapons equipped on a 15second timer EACH before another pack would roll over and bite us. My guess is the people that arent complaining are lying. have all the organic paste they can use and spamming fire arrows or just live on easy mode islands like temperate islands with Boars, bears and snakes.
  5. This 100000% percent. In claimed lands due to predators not eating each other it is amplified because they pretty much bundle in packs PLUS get the mate bonus for more damage because they are in a pack. Wild wolves are completely fucked. They got hp buffed around the time of the 2.5x resource event for new years - the only difference was you could rely on pistol head shots to deal with packs. Now you rely on a head shot and a pike shot to kill one so you cannot really deal with them in packs any more. PvE is pretty much busted in general. There are so many contributing factors: - PvP changes impacting day to day survival such as gathering - Aggro range being incredibly high - Respawn rate being incredibly high and dense - Predators do not fight other predators (except yetis) - Melee damage incredibly weak - Regular arrows incredibly weak now (they seem to get nerfed more and more mainly because of fire arrows.... see first cause) - Armour incredibly weak to NPC (again see first cause) - Alphas being very common and take next to no damage from anything other than fire arrows and fire traps (putting loads of campfires in your taming trap) PS. If you think wolves are bad - dont forget lions and tigers. Lions roll in the same packs with wolves except they jump and grab u and hold you. They will also nicely rip you off your mount and continue to eat both of you. All of this wouldnt be so bad if a player had a reasonable amount of tools to at least deal with two of these without being guaranteed death. This could be: - Reducing wild hp - Reducing wild armour pen - Increasing player base hp - Buffing melee damage and allowing two handers to be used when you are caught (only works for 1 handers)
  6. Check again buddy the plank costs are there it was only slightly reduced.
  7. Incorrect: The only real reduction was a schooner.
  8. It wouldnt make you carry less... but I think I know what you mean. We were using the takes as free for all mats for those that were struggling. I'm pretty sure at some point it was taxing fellow company members and theyve stopped that.
  9. Is it taxing your company? We arent getting any taxes from our own members.
  10. Its definitely busted or changed by accident.
  11. It looks like it no longer Taxes you own company any more and taxes everyone else now. Was this intentional?
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