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  1. Spent around 4,800 gold last night. Spent 800 gold 4x on 4 pieces of Atlantean heavy set and accidentally bought a 1k gold army of the damned helmet skin. Logged in today, completely nothing cosmetic in my inventory.... So I just lost roughly 5k gold for 1 single use of these? What happens? If i died i lose all the cosmetic craft/blueprints?... I don't understand. Network: NA PVP Krakens Grasp Grid: i10? j9( where i bought) Description of issue: See Above. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Repro steps if available/applicable: Die with cosmetic blueprints on you..? CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): Unaware.
  2. ALRIGHT so, i got the update to 4.3gb of 4.3gb wouldn't finish installing after about an hour so i restarted steam. Now i have to completely redownload Atlas? Are you fucking joking me? I've already done the integrity of files 3 times before this. Don't push shit out without testing please. Now my Saturday is ruined because i have to wait 9 hours for the game to download.
  3. I would love to see allies be able to shoot your cannons etc, it's an ally i don't see why not.
  4. It would help that you'd find a crew like the thousands out there recruiting for players to join them. It's almost as if there's not company recruitment pages on Reddit, Forums, Discord or anything like that. So weird. The point of an mmo is cooperation, they're showing this by further adding skill point changes to make it harder for solo players to play (and grief). If you plan on using a galleon or let alone a schooner solo good luck with that. Just because there are npc's that fire cannons for you doesn't mean they're going to hit / repair/ unfurl sails/ faster than your human counterparts.
  5. It's almost like it's not an mmo, oh wait.
  6. I'm pretty sure people would just buy an alt steam account and just keep those land claim accounts in a room locked up high. Won't work.
  7. Add more to the option of saying "Destroy" instead do "Destroy ship" and add a very large timer on this around 1 minute, the more heavy resources the more the timer. Simple things like pressing V near a dock when building a ship shouldn't launch a boat. Pressing E near a ship dock shouldn't destroy it either.
  8. I originated from A9 btw the server that's having very bad issues where it's almost always down. Also I feel like something happened with sleeping so now i can't die when im sleeping or something.
  9. Early this morning my group was entering a new sector and right before the sector it kicked me out with a new error i've never seen before. I can no longer create a new character, rejoin absolutely does not work. I can join any other eu or na pve server i cannot access na pvp. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game as well and nothing seems to work. Even after this latest patch i can't get in.
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