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  1. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    This pretty much lost me

    guess i'm too old for that crap. time to dig out the atari and play Dungeon Master or Sundog
  2. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    This pretty much lost me

    where does it read sci-fi fantasy game on the steam page ?
  3. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    This pretty much lost me

    this is the worst excuse ever. everything in this game is earth-like from the ape over rhino to buildings and ships and even wind and weather in general. although i see where you're coming from i either have to admire your imagination that you can fathom this not being earth or i just think that you ain't got a mind of your own and just swallow what they (wiki and/or devs) shove down your throat.
  4. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    This pretty much lost me

    they have that torpedo pointed at their feet
  5. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Going for the new shipwrecks tips ?

    i hear as i didn't like the diving rig myself. but they improved vision in it to some extent and to go for the treasures of sunken ships it's just THE tool. cheap to build no creatures bothering and almost endless air depending on how much oil you got in the rig. maybe give it another try
  6. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Is this shipyard going to be a fail?

    it's going to break https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2njo0dmyg4qz3n/20190426144907_1.jpg?dl=0
  7. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Is this shipyard going to be a fail?

    way forward ? how you gonna do that ? it's a small shipyard https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2njo0dmyg4qz3n/20190426144907_1.jpg?dl=0 did you or anyone else ever get warning ? we didn't and lost a brig although it looked ok to build
  8. although i agree with pretty much everything your slightly wrong about the lighthouse. they don't provide guidance when it's foggy but warn about reefs sandbanks or peninsulas protruding into the sea. light and fog don't work together pretty well. where you have fog (or haze rather) on stage to emphasize a light show too much of it even kills it. going through the fog with your bright headlights on let's you drive into a wall of light. the more dim the lights are in a situation like that the better. although i won't advice to turn them off completely. at some point you might get aware of a bright glare in the fog and it might point you into the desired direction but there's chances that you hit whatever the lighthouse is suppossed to warn you about.
  9. then why do ships and buildings pretty much look like that ? that's as much of a lame statement / excuse as "it's EA". and even if it's based on whatsoever alien world or fantasy island crap then man would have evolved with and won't die from 40-60 degrees (C). weather mechanics are far too steep and way too unrealistic. on that matter Atlas is more of a Poop Eater sim than Pirate game.
  10. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Mega update may? Another wipe?

    unofficial servers were not forced to wipe. that is true. but what the patch did to them is as close to a wipe as can get if not even worse. maybe you recall that some ppl asked whether it's possible to wipe but keep the characters? well the patch did shrink any existing player and npc aka crew on a ship. to revert that you need to delete your char and create a new one. single player companies will lose their stuff as long as they don't have a friend who joins their company temporarily to reinvite the 'owner' once he created a new toon. some servers might have nice and caring admins (like our 5x5 grid) who offered to grant current exp (proven by a screenshot) so you won't lose your progress once you greate a new toon. stuill the issue with companies run by a single person. your choice to be a mumbling midget trying to look over the railing on your ship or recreate a toon and hop from island to island to regain the discovery points needed to get your old lvl back the admin granted you xp for. about the claim flags ? well we did wipe since we moved from a 3x3 to a 5x5 about 2 weeks before the official servers got wiped. once version 1.5 went live and the patch got applied to our servers all claim flags were still up nothing got removed although they had no function and didn't claim crap
  11. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Map Toggle for Pets will help with Lost Pets

    in ARK you could equip trackers to your tames, kinda rfid chips. hardly feasible here. maybe some 'magic' device could replace the tracker from ARK, crafted from some metal and smaller amounts of mythos. no idea on how to receive that transponder's ping though. nonetheless i do support the idea of keeping track on tames either using the map or by some device
  12. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    tames start to hover on board when you raise the anchor. raise the anchor and check on your tames. make sure they're standing on deck properly. this also can happen after changing servers. that's why i check on my tames everytime i cross a server border. and yes - i pretty much experienced most of what's described above. had a horse on deck that disappeared all of a sudden while crew members went through the bottom of the ship bouncing up and down like a super ball on speed. shoulder pets are safe to the most extent when they're locked in a confined cabin during transition. nonetheless they start to float or go through the floor or ceiling when raising or dropping the anchor. all this is not ideal but it helps to prevent the loss of precious tames. ever since i go and check after my tames i never lost any again. leave alone the monkeys who came off my shoulder due to a disconnect and that i forgot to pick up when sailing on.
  13. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    it's total bogus how fast you die from vitamin deficit right now, i liked the debuffs way better and to some extent even more realistic. what wasn't realistic and still isn't by far is that your vitamins deplete faster than your hunger. i would have no issues to eat every now and then because i'm hungry but having to eat because your vitamins are gone and you're not hungry at all and get a debuff from eating simply is lame
  14. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Elephant taming

    there barely would be a issue with door frames if collision would be more precise / realistic. potential tames glitch half way through walls or even solid rock and that makes them untameable to some extent. time also is an issue. once the FEED notification turns red you receive a penalty and depending on what you are trying to tame that penalty might be crucial to the amount you have to feed the time it takes total and to the outcome of the process
  15. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    what has this latest patch done

    they turned a rough diamond into a polished turd