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  1. are you paying for your dinner at home to yourself as well or ask your kids/husband/wife to pay in case they didn't participate in prepping it ? Or do you contribute to a pot whenever you take the car to get groceries ? it's the worst idea ever to make players pay for something they got accomplished on their own behalf like farming reources errecting the shipyeard and building the parts. even for the raft or the sloop obtainable from the shipdealer you don't have to bring any gold. but in that case i can totally see that you might have to pay him. and how would it encourage the economics ? do you really think that someone would buy your wood you put on the market when whoever needs the gold for their own ship(s). huge companies will laugh at your petty attempt to make some gold from the market. And it's the most pitiful measurement buy the devs to limit ship spamming by simply adding a ludicrous amount of gold to building ships. that goes along with how clueless they actually are about what direction the game should go, like harnessing lightnings, prefab ships and more D&D fantasy elements. If they don't remove this crap and finally start to listen to what the test players want who signed up for a 'Pirate' game rather than a gold-grinding merchant simulator Atlas will share the destiny Dark & Light experienced.
  2. To the Devs Atlas it's not lacking a strong theme. The Pirate Theme was strong enough to make millions from movies and even to create a successful tv show. In addition to that pirates ever since Errol Flynn or Burt Lancaster been a success on the screen. So was Atlas when it got released as Early Access as far as I know and experienced it. And Atlas is not a Pirate Game. It flies the skull and cross bones here and there but it's far from piracy. Pirates seek a hide-out and claim islands, if at all, in silence. They don't place claim flags where ever they choose to dwell as those flags instantaneously would give away who and what you're dealing with. Storm Punk: Harnessing lightning - now that sounds interesting. You might have watched Stardust one too many times. And what else is there to get on the water? Trapping wind in paper bags to run a wind mill at your base or maybe empty them into your sails when there's no wind at all ? I think you're losing it here and Dungeons and Dragons' fantasy is way too present in tons of games already. You had the chance to make something different and now you blow it (with the wind from the bags to put them to some use). My ideas to the three main goals: Get players out on the ocean [...] OK, and that's why you now added gold to building a ship? Leave alone that you four month ago announced that you CAN buy ships now with gold in addition to still being able to craft them with your own blood, sweat and tears. Too bad this didn't work out. Make ship-to-ship combat fun [...] Now how can it be more fun and rewarding than it actually is, more loot/booty? But how? You must be totally out of your mind in case you think that players will load up their ships before they head into a battle, putting their 'wealth' at stake in a battle they don't know the outcome of? Or will there be rewards generated from thin air that screw up your trade system inflating inflation with high rewards of gold ? Increase player recuperation [...]This sounds very nice but again the stupid gold costs for ships make it a pain again. Players might still have whatever your new design will leave them on land but the gold still needs be accumulated to purchase a new ship. Trade System In conjunction with what you plan on the ship's sector the trade system makes less sense more and more. As of right now ships are being build from parts the players craft. Better ships require better blueprints which need up to six different types of one resource, you know how your system works (I hope). Now that's where trade comes in handy: You can offer your wetwood in exchange for ironwood or gold to buy ironwood in case anyone feels like offering it. But what is going to happen to trades like these when you buy ready-made ships? And according to your Q&A you want to move the game more to the sea. Does that mean that armor and weapons become less important and therefore resources to craft better ones maybe are not needed anymore? What about tames? They will disappear as well as you don't need to farm resources any longer? Claim System Even the old system was completely useless. No idea who thought that pirates who rather live in hiding would claim an island which gives away their position to everyone who just passes by. And if you insist on this stupid idea then why not use a blimp to hover over the island? It might even harness a lightning as a side effect. Ship Systems That's the most bogus thing so far. Leave alone that it entails rendering trades pointless it also is one of the most unbalanced ideas you ever came up with. I'm screwed when I hit the sea with my ramming vessel and someone engages me with cannons. How balanced is that ? Specialized ships my a... ! And then there is the costs for the ships! Me as a single player might have enough time at hand to accumulate the needed gold for a primitive Schooner (or whatever ship) but the company I just sailed into has four members and hence more chances and time to get the gold for a legendary schooner. Place your bets on the outcome! In the end this game boils down to a stupid gold grinding feast where the company having the most gold will rule
  3. hell yeah. sure they stated that it's a mishmash - anything else would have been a lie. but they had a theme once and maybe a goal to go for. Or: they never had but themed ARK with ships and added some piracy flair to it - let's see what we can do with that and how much money we can make from. For sure i'm a little nostalgic about the days Atlas went live. I played from day two as day one passed by downloading it. I even put ARK on a year long hiatus just to play Atlas. Although me and some friends played on a non-official server we played vanilla and had tons of fun exploring the map and coming up with our own spreadsheet on where to find which resources. trade happened with other players on that 5x5 grid and pvp happened when both parties felt like it The claim system ever since was a thorn in my eye. how can it be that a pirate claims land that then is revealed once someone passes the island you're trying to hide out on. drop the claim system totally. what a bogus idea to claim a patch of land to just place a bed on to have a closer respawn? Answer: no i don't agree on that. i think it's more fun to get my stuff together and build my own ship to leave the freeport at lvl 8 or even earlier. i totally dislike the idea of ready-made ships to buy. Raft and sloop were okay as they accelarated the escape from the freeport. sorry but i have to disagree. there's nothing wrong with playing Atlas on the PVE servers and there's plenty of things to do as well just with a different focus than PVP
  4. i think you played the role as the devil's advocate a bit too long. kinda hard to find your way back into reality, isn't it ? they had a nice game that, i admit, had its flaws here and there (still can be found in-game as they never got fixed) but it's Early Access. If they would have heard to a wider spectrum of the community and not just hand selected pvp players and streamers there maybe would have neen no need to change the dev team and no sailing the Atlas seas clueless east to West and North to South like a headless chicken. read the initial post again and you'll figure that they make one step forward and two steps back ([]sic] we plan this but it might end up being what we had back then [sic]). point is: they have no idea where they're steering with someone on the helm who possibly will beach the ship
  5. but that's exactly how it works: new icing = new customers. and when sales dwindle again renew the icing. Snail Games doesn't care as long as the cash flow doesn't cease. of all the offsprings of ARK (Dark & Light and that western nonsense the name i forgot) Atlas was the most promising. the icing still looks fresh but the core is rotten
  6. sounds like something i totally dislike, prefabricated ships, harnessed lighnings and paying my ship with gold coins i have to farm for. Not to mention that it's going to be something i didn't expect when I paid for testing Atlas. when you crowd-fund a project and work on it as you go you better listen what the crowd got to say about it. if you don't then you might end up with a product that got funded but in the end no one wants it anymore. bring on the mystical-fantasy parrot crap and i'm gone. not that you, Grapeshot, would care or any one else. but i do
  7. paying for a ship that I build in my shipyard from resources I gathered is just ridiculous. It's like paying for my meal that I cooked and ran the errants to get the ingredients. Ship spamming might be a massive issue here and there but trying to turn it off by making you buy your self-made ship is just evidence for the fact that the Devs lost conntrol of what they created (or effed up with numerous brain dead patches). Maybe a ship limit per company either per capita or ship types is more desirable. There's people out there especially on PVE who pretty much don't spam ships and don't feel like grinding for gold to get a better ship just to cruise the atlas. bad decision in my eyes and a major blemish to official servers.
  8. yeah, i had an attachment on a sloop as well but that is some time ago. modifications to the sloop's setup are mandatory. If you're not playing official then there's @Salty Melons's mod. the admin to our tiny server installed it and it works according to him. i haven't tested it yet as i'm busy with another Wild/Shot product.
  9. yes and no. rafts and sloops still can be build without the need of gold coins. If you want anything better than that you have to farm gold either by digging, picking up flotsam or dive for gold. gold in flotsam is tedious and digging simply is a task for a lifetime. remains diving. a diving attachment on a sloop ws possible 9 month ago and i haven't checked on it yet. needless to say that getting around the ocean on a sloop is possible but not the best option. and maybe sunken rteasures got nerfed as well. at least that's what i'm expecting once i'll try the diving option.
  10. and how would that provide more leverage ? and if it does then there should be an option in the company settings to charge a rental fee for the 'lesser motivated" and not for the entire company. no offense here but to me it seems as if you're trying to polish Grapeshit's, oops, Grapeshot's turd.
  11. 1: if the members of a company don't gather resources for a ship they all CAN use then it's not a company and doesn't deserve any gold to be shared 2: a forced reward is not a reward but a tax. also why would i reward myself with gold i earned for a ship i build and in the end got rid off the gold. it doesn't make sense 3: correct me if i'm wrong but isn't there a tax anymore that goes to upkeep from every little bit anyone on my / our claimed territory farms ? 4: sloops and rafts still come without the requirement of gold and the only ship that you BUY when you start out is the ramshackle. well you trade it for the resources needed but the seller (and maybe crafter) doesn't get a single coin for his work. so if i want to spam ships to block or whatever i can use ramshakles, made sloops or rafts. easier build and replaced than any other ship. make it a limit of one ship per company member. not ideal for solo companies but maybe some exception can be implemented for that case. (edited for wrong term) 5: information about it would be appreciated but here we go again: the Wildcard attitude towards informing the community or the inability to admit to FUs faded over to Grapeshot as well (no lecture on how they're related needed on this end) yes, i get the devil's advocate part and i thought about some reasons for adding gold to my own work like tar for the planks or disencourage ship spam etc. nonetheless it's utter bogus to make me pay (who gets it anyways) for my work. if it goes to the company then why ask for it as it's in the company already being my or may mate's gold. screwed up big time
  12. After quite a long hiatus me and some friends got us a small server just to find out that you need gold coins to build your own ship in your own shipyard. What the heck is wrong with the Devs ? Are they paying for the dinner they just prepped at home (if there's still some out there who don't live off delivered pizza)? Leave alone that they paid for the ingredients. Or do they have coin-operated doors at their bathroom and slip a quarter in every time they have to leave a leak ? "Building ships is core to the ATLAS experience, so you can still craft your own masterpiece. Afterall, nothing beats the beauty of a ship that you create with your own blood, sweat, and tears!" What about these two lines they came up with when introducing farmhouses and buying ships ? This seriously is effed up.
  13. Let's hear your ideas for the trade routes ? How am i to get a hold on resources that are specific to the Tundra when i decided or was forced to to settle in the Equatorial region or high desert ? do you really expect me to travel in my nutshell all across the map to gather resources that i might lose on my long way back ? that brings up the question someone else here already asked: does the map still wrap around ? so, what about trade routes ?
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