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  1. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Map Toggle for Pets will help with Lost Pets

    in ARK you could equip trackers to your tames, kinda rfid chips. hardly feasible here. maybe some 'magic' device could replace the tracker from ARK, crafted from some metal and smaller amounts of mythos. no idea on how to receive that transponder's ping though. nonetheless i do support the idea of keeping track on tames either using the map or by some device
  2. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    tames start to hover on board when you raise the anchor. raise the anchor and check on your tames. make sure they're standing on deck properly. this also can happen after changing servers. that's why i check on my tames everytime i cross a server border. and yes - i pretty much experienced most of what's described above. had a horse on deck that disappeared all of a sudden while crew members went through the bottom of the ship bouncing up and down like a super ball on speed. shoulder pets are safe to the most extent when they're locked in a confined cabin during transition. nonetheless they start to float or go through the floor or ceiling when raising or dropping the anchor. all this is not ideal but it helps to prevent the loss of precious tames. ever since i go and check after my tames i never lost any again. leave alone the monkeys who came off my shoulder due to a disconnect and that i forgot to pick up when sailing on.
  3. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    it's total bogus how fast you die from vitamin deficit right now, i liked the debuffs way better and to some extent even more realistic. what wasn't realistic and still isn't by far is that your vitamins deplete faster than your hunger. i would have no issues to eat every now and then because i'm hungry but having to eat because your vitamins are gone and you're not hungry at all and get a debuff from eating simply is lame
  4. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Elephant taming

    there barely would be a issue with door frames if collision would be more precise / realistic. potential tames glitch half way through walls or even solid rock and that makes them untameable to some extent. time also is an issue. once the FEED notification turns red you receive a penalty and depending on what you are trying to tame that penalty might be crucial to the amount you have to feed the time it takes total and to the outcome of the process
  5. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    what has this latest patch done

    they turned a rough diamond into a polished turd
  6. can happen to pretty much any item you put into storage or even into a tame's inventory. most common, at least on my end, is that crew loses their 'uniform' which is replaced by them 'wearing' a blueprint that can't be retrieved
  7. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    the effed-up and unrealistc weather system
  8. that's in the nature of a compass and how to use it. when using a compass the needle points north. you rotate the scale the way that N lines up with the needle's north end. the direction you're heading is the one you're facing. if the needle points left then you're facing/heading East. if it points right your direction is West and so on
  9. i have no idea what was so creepy about the spider fingers. usually there was a stationary compass next to the steering wheel ever since it's been invented. so why do we end up using our 'family compass' when on the helm? and not even being able to take a closer look at. hold CTRL (STRG) when looking at the compass to take a close look at it. helps for sure when lighting is too bright or dark
  10. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    6x Thatch on Giraffe gone???

    mos def more to get with a regular pick
  11. ja, kein zoom fuer den kompass mit rechtsklick, wenn am steuer aber hier auf englisch, deutsch, suaheli oder sonstwas zu posten hat keinen sinn. kuemmert sich eh kaum einer drum, was hier gepostet wird
  12. keine ahnung, ob es dir aufgefallen ist, aber mit deutsch kommste hier nicht sonderlich weit :(
  13. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Seems a bit sleazy

    being objective ? practice what you preach and there would no need for this pointless thread of yours
  14. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Seems a bit sleazy

    don't waste your time reading - you won't understand anything anyway. head outside and knock over some cows or chop wood.
  15. Ucan_Kizmiaz


    right now they seem to be overwhelmed with heartbeat and respiration - can't even keep the patch notes up-to-date. establishing an email notification system might push them over the threshold of death