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    unofficial no mods, server version 18.9
  2. Ucan_Kizmiaz


    same here - to some extent crew becomes inaccessible once assigned to sails or cannons, no unseat or access to inventory possible. edit: crew on cannons can be unassigned via Shift+N make them follow using the radial, individual whistles don't seem to work - group whistles do though
  3. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Please fix Heatwaves and buildings

    +1 63 C / 145 F is beyond ridiculous and dying from a heat wave on a daily base got nothing to do with pirates and not even survival when nothing incl the ocean provides cooling
  4. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    should ... yadda yadda yadda. i lost 2 bears that most definately were on neutral guarding me while picking bamboo. the alpha lion came outta nowhere chewed me and while i respawned close by my bears (27 and 17 before tame) went down. they were close to being maxed out and the lvl 17 killed 2 lions earlier while i was riding it and called no specials. so 'should' is quite appropriate 'cause it doesn't
  5. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    This is not fun!

    or use wood gateways and gates. gates can be opened for better access and closed again before the bola wears off. collision or the lack of are the major problem. bears elephants and horses glitch into walls gates and the terrain. birds stay in cages occasionally but most of the time the glitch out (i avoided 'glitch through the bars' as the 2 crows and 3 seagulls actually glitched through the top of the cage)
  6. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Gates and what animals fit

    as of yet elephants and rhinos only fit large gates the rest should be fine with small ones. no idea of dragons and other tameable myth creatures though
  7. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Hardest tame has horrible stamina????

    maybe you read my post again before yelping at me
  8. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Hardest tame has horrible stamina????

    if they actually would give somthing about feedback from the players pvp & pve then you'd got a point here but unfortnately they don't. otherwise some major fixes would have been applied way earlier or at all. but still tames vanish when crossing borders tames still just go poof or through the floor. weight balances weren't tto bad the first place but got borged by a brainless patch. maybe you've noticed that in the end now an elephant can carry even more wood. so what was the initial patch good for - just to piss some ppl off ? on that behalf the rhino couldn't carry as much as it can now but on the other hand it got about twice as much metal from regular nodes. now it carries a shit ton but i harvest more with a pick than my friendly rhino. that much their lack of learning from what they effed up on ARK isn't simply excused by EA.
  9. title says it all. in one week i've lost a horse, standing on deck, 2 parrots and 2 monkeys during the transition between servers. in addition to that two crew members went through the bottom of the ship who a day later started to mutiny - no wonder.
  10. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Galleon behemoth gates

    i'm having the same question but since a behemoth is as wide as a large shipyard and open to the top i'd assume the galleon fits through. i got the gate but no foundation build up yet to place it in deeper water otherwise i could tell you the outcome
  11. Ucan_Kizmiaz


    not exactly a bug but it needs some major adjustment. today i set a parrot to Passive-Flee - so far so good. while it was sitting on land i took the chance to tame another one that got trapped in my captain's cabin. since those little buggers fight back I was in a fight BUT not my parrot. nonetheless it did flee and as of yet hasn't been seen again. Adjustment: Make tames set to Passive-Flee flee when they get attacked directly not when they sense a fight in their vicinity. personally i'd prefer it to get killed so i can look for a new one than searching endlessly with no avail. just my 2 cents
  12. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    unable to tame

    ever since ARK got released Wildcard didn't fix the glitching issue. it's a dream GrapeCard would fix this when they didn't fix it the first place and effed up on hitboxes. And in addition animals / tames don't just glitch through walls when being tamed but also hit through walls with an attack radius that to some extent is beyong ridiculous. I got two elephants tamed before this ominous patch but by now after another 4 attempts i simply gave up on elephants and haul the two i got where i need them.
  13. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Elephant Taming Broken

    guess that's where you found the sweet spot
  14. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Can we get some fixes devs?

    and you think that wait and see is the way to go here ? it didn't work for ARK so why should it work with Atlas and pretty much the same team of Devs? they show the same attitude they did 4 years ago: adding crap no one really asked for and procrastinating fixing bugs or major annoyances (of which some still exist in the final version and make game play a chore to some extent. i usually am patient myself but when people have a learning curve that points south in combination with a float-like bloated ego then i'm losing my patience. when none of the pipelines really works it's time to see an engineer or a mechanic. so far they only pissed off players by balancing what wasn't needed (stone structures) and not fixing what can be considered crucial (ships sinking) so please tell me which pipeline actually does work ?