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  1. I even tried to make a new pathfinder it says cannot connect but then instantly takes me to a loading screen for 5 minutes just to tell me error again. WASTE OF $25 IMO and the developers should work thru the holidays to actually give us a stable playable game that we can enjoy instead of just taking their cut and having a grand ol' time with our money. P.S STOP GIVING US TIMES WHEN YOU CANT KEEP YOUR PROMISE!
  2. Same thing happened to me kinda. Home region was N9 NA PVP I switched my home region bc the lawless regions suck and a stable respawn point but I got kicked and now I have no way of logging back in bc the rejoin button doesn't work and everytime I try to create a new character it fails connection but then immediately tries to load into a game and then after 5 minutes says failed connection.
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