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  1. Littlebits

    Any News Yet On Resetting Servers Back to Zero?

    we will still boot your sorry arse off an island in no time or even claim it before you get there... want more cheese with the whines?
  2. lol rifles/guns are OP, can HS people for 360+ damage with only a 2 of 3 success reload
  3. Littlebits


    well things tend to burn when you put them on fire, did you expect something different from a WOOD ship with CLOTH sails?
  4. Littlebits

    Why do ships of the damned go across map borders?

    switching from server to server is like a 2 second stall... only tip I can give you is into the best wind, full sails and off you go yes they can hide when you zone, that's just life
  5. Littlebits

    How do you go to sleep in your base bed?

    stand on the bed, log out = done
  6. Littlebits

    Issues with the bow cosmetics

    can only have one afaik, so that it sells you more is a bug, but should only be able to have one
  7. Littlebits


    must admit I would love a singleplayer mode, with adjusted "treasure hunting" for 1 person instead of a group of people and 1 grid would be fine, but grids need more islands in each 3 islands is just meh....
  8. Littlebits

    Power stone buildings closed??

    crawl up then?
  9. Littlebits

    Player Vault/lock box/safe ?

    aye nothing is secure not even your spawn point
  10. Littlebits

    Why not just turn it off ghost ships at PVP servers?

    big ships are trophies? lol... we had a fairly fun battle yesterday, 4 ships died I think, was over quick, but we are just started and the best part was that it was a lot of fun ghost ships give stuff you need... if they weren't there you would need to get it from treasures or what not, so see it as a way to get it... not like they are hard to avoid now they have been nerfed to oblivion
  11. Littlebits

    The map is completely occupied(Claim)

    so much is wrong in this whiny post.... 1. you don't need to claim land to build a shipyard... you can build on/in lawless area + you can build a base there too BUT you can't have a bed on that island to spawn on... You CAN however have a bed on a raft and respawn there, but that means you have to have a premade bed with you when you go to bed so you can put it up next time you log in and you can build the largest ships there and you could live your whole life there IF you wanted to, without ever needing to claim anything... but again the bed and spawn issue which is kinda easilly fixed... make some friends on that island (it is possible, we have done it) 2. if land is claimed and no buildings? then go claim it, noone is stopping you other than yourself apparently... 3. islands full of crocs and snakes? wtf do you think the rest of us wake up to every morning? lillies and roses? kill them, clear the land, build (then you block some of their spawns) but they still wander into your base all the time so quit whining like a baby, make friends and play the game, or go play Minecraft
  12. Littlebits


    anyone that know how to breed chickens? any way to change their "environment" they seem a bit unhappy about it but say they are "ready to mate" and are on wandering
  13. Littlebits

    Why do ships of the damned go across map borders?

    because there are no borders, it is one large ocean, the only reason you "see" borders, is because they physically are different servers, so treat the map as one big map not 100 small ones
  14. Littlebits

    fucking idiots devs

    pirates and insurance? sounds like a scam... your insurance is to bring enough force to beat anything you meet or lose what you have
  15. Littlebits

    Official Servers - We need more of them

    it's not harder to make a larger grid than it is to set up a bunch of new servers for a full grid, if they up the player limit on each grid fine, but we need more land/islands, since they simple are too small, we are like 25-30 ppl on our island and it is harvested CLEAN between repops all the time, total barren wasteland... upping the player cap would NOT help since there is no materials for more people. a larger grid would also mean even more people... and hopefully in the end we can set up trade towns (atleast that is what my company hopes to do when stuff is more settled) a no fight area where people can come to and trade peacefully and if anyone make trouble then they will get butchered. and fed to the sharks. doubling the grid on both X and Y axis would give us 3x more free grids on top of the set we have now, plenty room for new people to join and start on and it would be awesome and then with 5-10 trade towns and people could sail between the trade towns just living on trading if they wanted and people can come from nearby islands to sell/buy what they need/have extra of.