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  1. Enmity

    This game is not for the new gamer

    the wind is soo bad I just spent 45 minutes trying to sail across 1 server.... smh
  2. NGood evening, I'm an old school gamer, I am use to waiting 3 hours for the Notorious monster spawn. However I am very tired of it taking me 2 hours to sail back home. 6 tiles and because the wind isn't in my favor what should take an hour takes 2 to 3 hours. I cant leave my ship and just log off, so I am stuck spending extra hours just to make it home safe. While the wind mechanic is cool. Its also generally bad. I'm about to finally give up even after dealing with all the growing pains because I just cant play this style of game anymore. We live in a gaming world of now now now. Please do something to avoid these long trips home. Luckily , I'm not just here to complain. I also come with suggestions. Just like in the real world, there are trading routes. Certain area's you sail because the current, or wind will generally always be in your favor for that direction. Can we implement this in the game as well? Instead of The entire world having the same wind, Have wind going in a specific general direction. I.e. even numbers go South East while odd numbers go North West. Please give me a trade route path that can give me a general estimated time before I set off to sail so I'm not stuck sailing an extra 2 hours, and tabbed out to write a forum post. Thank you.
  3. Good Evening, Today we loaded up an Elephant on NA PVP I8, (Shmoder's Mom), And while Holding down E and assigning the tame to board the boat, it vanished. The high level tame plus all the exotic goods it was carrying vanished. If you could restore that would be great, but please fix this bug. It deleted our tame and our goods we were attempting to trade.
  4. Enmity

    Your game is broken beyond belief

    Be loud, this is unacceptable. What these ghost ships have done is unacceptable because they never tested the playability of them. They basicly added a new element to the game that ruined most players experience. The admins/ dev's need to fix their blunder/ Too many hours / days wasted on this blunder!
  5. Enmity

    Your game is broken beyond belief

    You nailed it! Early access, give me my in game item. Its Just early access anyways. You want me to keep discovering how this game is unplayable, refund me after 5 people spent an entire day just to lose it in 5 min because the company failed to test their own product. Also, Don't defend early access that you pay for. you see early and assume that early access is the same as Early start. You want us to keep playing and not drop it to overwhelming negative again then repay us for your blunder.
  6. Enmity

    Your game is broken beyond belief

    Me and my friends spent all day building a Schooner. Our 4th ship, We set sail and blasted by these new ghost ships that weren't there the day before. You dodge one only to see 3 more spawn. Then the server D/C and by the time you get back on the server, the ghost ship has blasted your ship away within minuets of leaving the shipyard. WE have spent days building ships, only to get them destroyed. This time there was no escape. There are soo many problems with this game that has created a bubble of those in a big guild that own all the territory already compared to those that are just trying to play a game. Seriously, who owe us a Schooner. I've never played such a broken game. PM me, I'll even tell you the server command to write since it is ARK. In exchange I'll write a full white paper of what is wrong with this game and how to fix it for the casual gamer who just wants to play a game. your designers had a good game idea, but did not incorporate the human aspect of gamers.
  7. Enmity

    Timeout/ ADMIN pls delete my charakter

    This is a bug reporting thread, why are you trolling it, please stop posting here telling people to deal with a bug. This problem is huge, It's actually the biggest bug in the game right now. and #MeToo