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  1. After creating a folder in my storage box and putting all of my kit in it (Hide armor, guns, ammo, tools, swords) and then right clicking the folder and clicking on "equip all folder items". The game fatal crashes. This is reproducible 100% of the time and have tested with multiple people. This would be an amazing feature if it worked!
  2. I'm not saying that this is a bad idea. But I think they were going for West Indies with this game. I could be wrong.
  3. This may be what you're talking about but with the traditional figurehead, I'd like to see a working blind jim sail or whatever they are called
  4. Yeah specifically flags on top of the masts and a larger flag on the back of the ship for a pirate flag that you can raise and lower.
  5. Also, I know this seems not needed. However a rope to throw in the water to measure knots/speed would be amazing...
  6. Yeah.. Have to rely on dinghys with bigger ships.. Even with the brigantine it helps to have dingys
  7. I would like to see Man O' Wars but that's really all I would care to see.. The Galleon is waaaay too under-powered for how much resources you have to dump into it.
  8. Oh sounds pretty cool. Honestly the storms are pretty cancer right now.. Every time it rains we get 30 cyclones that just so happen to spawn in on top of my ship? Really? Lol..
  9. Confirmed it does not.. I wouldn't have a brigantine left if it did lol.
  10. Colliding with them doesn't do damage.. I just run through them with my brigantine and send them flying. Lol.. They get out of the way then. :P
  11. Absolutely! Please do! Get as many views as possible lol.
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