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  1. Not really. Wildcard isn't like a typical company. 5+ hour unannounced, unaddressed server downtimes are fairly rare (Believe it or not) in games not ran by Wildcard. It's pretty normal to assume that there's an explanation aside from staggering and glaring incompetence.
  2. I mean, the game could be great if they did half a dozen fairly obvious things. The same was true in Ark. Yet here we are, like 5 years later where they have not only ceased to get better, but have actually regressed to become worse then when they first started.
  3. They have been doing this for literal years. As in closer to half a decade. Anyone who would leave just cuz they don't know how to do their jobs would have left by now.
  4. It wont. They will notice when they get back from brunch and see the dozens of messages and @s in discord. Nothing anyone outside of the Wildcard company does will ever "Help" them because for the most part they ignore us.
  5. It probably isn't garbage. It really doesn't exist. "Community outreach" in Wildcard terms means that an unpaid intern that, when possible, handles it. It's been like this for *literally years*
  6. They probably have no idea the servers are down. As for being angry, to be honest any realistic person with experience in Wildcard games, be it Ark or Atlas should be deadened to this. They do it all the time and have zero sense of shame towards it. They are a company comprised of 99% Art related employees, and 1% coding/network employees. They have no idea how to make a game work in a cohesive and functional way. THey are simply one out of the millions of indie companies with no idea of what they're doing that inevitably stumbled onto a treasure through sheer blind luck then proceeded to just try to milk as much money from the existing success as they could.
  7. You think it's intentional? It's Wildcard. They mostly have no idea what they're doing, how to do it or why. It's what happens when you make a game studio of 45 people devoted to Art assets, and 3 devoted to every other thing in the game combined. They probably don't even know the NA PvP grid is offline yet.
  8. *Him but no. The only reason I say that is it was what you were spamming on the forums like day 3 of the game release before it got deleted.
  9. Pointing out the gaping holes in your logic doesn't hurt me at all.
  10. Not to mention the sea battles when there's more then 4 ships sailing in your tile :rofl: Nothing like making a 5 mythical sail galleon, sailing it into a big fight, then watching your tribe mates jumping off the boat and out-swimming her at 45% load.
  11. I'm not really surprised to hear that you gave up on PvP. To be quite honest, I'm surprised that you play the game at all
  12. I only really see Scorpion as a troll because of how he acts, thinks and speaks. For instance, the reason he thinks the game is broken is because some chinese group sunk his schooner and sent him back to freeport. He fundamentally thinks that he should have been able to outplay them, and blames the game for enabling groups over solo players, and has put forward a variety of silly suggestions (Like making people take 3x damage if there's more then 4 people in a tribe together). He also frequently cites sources and events that are objectively wrong (IE citing Ark Small Tribes as a "Success" despite the fact that it had less people playing it within a week then Legacy did, this latest statistics citation). He does share some views of the game that I agree with, however I don't necessarily agree with the process that lead him to think that way, because half of his logic doesn't exist and the other half is fatally flawed. As for them appealing to Megas. Yes, I can see both sides. Personally, as a person in a Mega, I believe that it can be successful. Niche, but I enjoy being a part of a large group accomplishing large goals. Business wise? Perhaps it isn't the best choice, however that doesn't mean it's inherently a bad one. A good choice is starting a BR clone and milking that genre. You can enjoy a fair amount of success by making games for a niche, it's simply risky. Most games are left with "Angry players" in the end because those angry players are usually the most passionate part of the community. It takes a fair amount of emotional investment in a game (Which is mirrored by time investment) to generate anger in a group. Arguments and debates are always the best part of discussions because it's usually the only way to change entrenched beliefs and to explore your own. I find myself agreeing with you on more then a lot, and most of what you say is, overall, sound. I simply disagree that the premise that the reason this game is diving in numbers is because of the game catering to large tribes, rather it's simply because Wildcard does not possess the talent to make a successful game out of this niche genre.
  13. Denial about what? The only thing I reject is your opinion that the game is dying because you got wiped and lost your schooner and that the only way to save it is to make it so solo players can beat mega-tribes. I think the game is dying because Wildcard is incompetent. Not because you got wiped.
  14. You're not even making coherent sense anymore. Like, you didn't make much sense to start, but at this point you've just devolved into ????
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