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  1. Teodor

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Fountain is in C6 , just got here and i found it EU PVE
  2. Teodor

    Trade ships?

    Hi! Anyone encountered a trading ship? If so where can you find them?
  3. Teodor

    List with downed servers?

    Hi! Is there a list with the servers that are down atm?
  4. Teodor

    Unable to fetch current server info in PVP EU

    I LOVE YOU !!! After 20 hrs finally in
  5. Teodor

    “Host pending connection time out”

    C9 is down for 20 hrs for me or at least i can't connect after i made a base and had 2 beds in it and when i disconected i was alive ....
  6. Teodor

    How to unlock armory skill ?

    First you need to unlock metalurgy or something like this and after you can unlock the needed one for armory ( would tell you more in detail but i can't connect in game on my server PVP EU )
  7. Teodor

    Possible reason for fetch server info issue?

    I have the same problem , i had a base and 2 rafts where i could spawn but i was on a region outisde the spawnable ones and i don't think that someone killed me or anything like that ... I loged off around 5 hrs ago and now i can't rejoin but the other servers work just fine
  8. Teodor

    Timeout/ ADMIN pls delete my charakter

    now i think i have this problem for 20 hrs+ , i guess there is no chance to play at launch xD