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  1. Currently Silo's aren't able to be placed, it just displays the message of it needing to be placed on an island. Either the land on some islands isn't registering as an island (similar to the unable to build issue) or the entire region being lawless is causing this. Part of the issue may be the entire region is lawless by default, it would be great to have the option to claim an island especially for locally hosted.
  2. It's better now after the last patch, plenty of fish in the sea for me.
  3. Good addition but... needs work. The Freeport, Tundra, and Desert islands are the only ones you can build on. The Equator and Woodlands islands do not allow you to place structures where you normally should be able to. Also the mermaids need to be scaled back... one or two here and there is fine but walking on land and having 15 mermaids chain pull you into the water... a bit frustrating. The big issue is not being able to place structures on the majority of the islands.
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