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  1. But don’t worry, I was able to play until 3.0 now I get “timed out” but stupid people say it’s my internet connection xD
  2. Just pay attention to every patch. You see more people saying “I can’t log in now” you never see anyone saying “omg I CAN log in now!” It’s a recurring issue. More people every patch can’t log in. Yet they claim server stability has increased 95%??? You know why? Because they prevent more players from logging in.
  3. +1 for being ip banned. If you got host connection lost timed out connection to host. You have been ip banned. Every patch they ban more people to stabilize their servers.
  4. Have had host connection error since 3.0 with zero support from the team, sent over 80 tweets hudnreds of messages, no reply, they jsut do not care and im 99.9% sure theya re specifically banning IP's or something from official servers, I can log onto unofficial jsut fine
  5. Post Your patch that you could not log on anymore. Speak up. Could you login at all? What patch did this happen? Were you able to login at all since then? Could you login at all? Yes First Day i got to level 19 with clan What patch did this happen? 3.0 Were you able to login at all since then? Once on 6.9 then servers went down and I could no longer log in again
  6. Can we sue atlas? No reply to our concern they keep saying its server stability issues yet they claim to have fixed shit but WE STILL CANT LOG ON?!?!?
  7. You have been IP blocked from playing the game so that they can have "stable servers"
  8. That has absolutely nothing to do with people no longer able to connect to the game anymore. If someone can log in, and AFTER A PATCH DROP can no longer connect. this isnt all the same patch btw, People drop like flies PER patch. so to fix your comment * Server-side crash fixes and stability improvements by preventing more players from being able to access the game Get your head out of your ass and stop trying to white knight just because YOU get to play. Done with your degeneracy. o/ +1
  9. You could actually log into the game though
  10. The most active forum posts are Connectivity issues, Do I need to be a game developer to say I logged on first day and played perfectly fine then they release a patch and I can no longer connect anymore. But don't worry they communicate about the issue right? Oh right no they don't. But hey I'm glad they fixed tree respawns in game. You continue to have fun playing the game while I am sitting here with no information one what THEY broke and if its fixable ANYTIME SOON. So no they do not communicate shit and there is a damn good reason they have the worst steam reviews which are VERY so justified. We would be SO much happier and patient if they said SOMETHING and explained ANYTHING for the problem. They simply do not care is the bottom of it. The LEAST they can do is offer refunds to the people who cannot even TEST the fucking game. I tested their play button on the stema page for 4 days now. I did not pay 25$ to press play. I'll gladly take that money and actually launch any other fucking game on steam. Explanation or refund. Again it is not JUST me, we are talking thousands of people that have the same issue that these devs REFUSE to acknowledge. Im sure 50% of us would be perfectly fine with an explanation not even an ETA. But to sit there and watch all these forum posts and tweets about the #1 issue and not fucking have the decency to speak upon it, is UNACCEPTABLE.
  11. I 100% will tell you if you had the same issue you would not be talking like. You stay up for 20 horus a day relaunching game because the company refuses to say anything, it is already speculated that their way of "stabilizing" the servers is by preventing batches of players from joining. The reason why more and more people every single patch ALL OF A SUDDEN "I get host connection Lost/timedout connection to server" ALL THEY HAVE TO SAY IS "Hey guys we need less load on our servers so we are only letting a certain amount in, we are too busy /braindead to create a login que system so we are just going to randomly choose people to not allow into the server" Then I would be like HEY! that makes sense now I wont waste my ENTIRE F***ing day relaunching a game they CLAIM im SUPPOSED TO be able to join. I Speak for MANY MANY MANY others who in different patches on different days ALL of a sudden out of the clear blue sky are UNABLE to join. @Atlas Stop fucking leaving your customers sitting here reloading your piece of shit game 1000 times a day and just tell us its not going to work you braindead mongoloids. Have some fucking morals. You truly are fucking evil to claim you fixed server problems every single patch yet we still cant log in but assume we can. Ban me if you want but I speak for many people when I say I am disappointed in you as human beings, and your only white knights are people that HAVE been able to play since launch.
  12. Leaving thousands of players in the unknown about why they cannot connect all of a sudden after YOU broke our connection on YOUR patches. Is inexcusable. I've have never ever been so pissed off with a company before and fighting for my refund back on steam because I have 30 hours of relaunching the game over and over. how the F*** are you going to let me play the first 2 days then all of a sudden thousands of us cant connect and somehow its on OUR END?!?! wtf is wrong with you seriously. I've never hated people more in my life then the kind of people that just let thousands of players sit here relaunching your game over and over again for 16+ hours a day thinking we can get in. BUT DONT WORRY YOU FIXED THE TREES! seriosuly F*** you scammers. No Access is NOT early access, and you provide zero statements on the matter, there are non stop posts of people left wondering what is going on and you don't even have the decency to come out and say wtf you did wrong to break our connections.
  13. I called this 3 days ago, With every patch they block more and more people from entering the game to "stabilize" their servers and make it seem like its improving. Its all a sham and I have given up and got my refund, Once you get the time out error you CANNOT log in. its been 4 days now for me. I stay up 16 -20 hours a day relaunching the game over and over again because the company refuses to directly address our problem. Every single patch another batch of people will say "I cannot log in anymore"
  14. If you can no longer enter game you have been manually blocked enjoy trying to get on. More and more people every patch gets blocked from entering game and you need vpn + proxy tog et in
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