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    i was a xbox player ark since it came out on xbox, but i have just got a decent pc build quite cheap if you cant wait the 6 or 12 month maybe longer just grab yourself a pc and try it out. i would not wait and hope it comes out earlie next year you'll have a long wait its why i made the jump to get a gaming pc setup.
  2. hi everyone, hope downloads are going well and most are getting online now.. got to say after watching streams today and eagerly awaiting the launch of atlas this has definitely impressed me yes yes the delays lol but to fix and improve any issues before launch i do not see the issue at all. website looks great,social medias seem to be active and keeping folk informed and looking forward to this last 10gb downloading so i can get online. this post was more aimed to be positive and a shout out to wildcard, coming from ark and playing official pvp getting to end game,tek tier,doing all bosses leaving that behind to jump on to pc and start with atlas fresh was at first something i was unsure about but now feel like it genuinely it could be one of the biggest games out there and look forward to seing it grow and progress. hopefully everyone can drop any toxicity going into this and enjoy the game, forget the issues with ark and move forward and see this as a title on its own that will not be judged on issues people have with ark,and most of all kill..killl...and loot everyone! no but really lets just try to be a bit more chilled as this was the worst part of ark us. company name - nephilim in game name - azrial
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