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  1. hello all well no wipe as yet as there normally would be but if they are going to wipe then mid February might be right as a new pirate game is to be released then but even if this game does game disappears i got my moneys worth had some fun and frustration in equal measure and if it does go then if i have nothing else to play then i can come back for a few weeks but if not no problem its just a shame but like others before it a game with so much promise that never quite made it to the finish line
  2. they way it seams to fix this problem for me was to do a fresh install of the game them all was ok apart from the other bugs and problems with the new update
  3. hello all ok i had this to when trying to make a bed the way i fixed it was reinstalling the game so that fixed that now i can make all as normal now just need to find a way to fix all the other problems
  4. no i am not new i just live in hope,but they fixed it the next day lol my timing sucks. but they will fix all the bugs and glitches one day ROFL .
  5. Ok some servers have been down for days the central maw among them so anyone wanting to do the kraken can not and those trying to gat all the power stone can not complete that ether so if its going to be down for a longer period of time then they should just give everyone the kraken achevment as they can not get it them selfs while zone is down then they can get the sub and carry on with other parts of the game. but letting us know when zones will be offline for periods of time would be nice , i have looked and can not find any warning or reasion for it . just give everyome the kraken achevment at least it wont matter if the zone is down then .
  6. the eu server did have problems early in the morning it took hours to get on servers were glitching like a soab but all seams ok now i hope they fix your servers soon as this new patch and claim system is going to be a killer but you could come on the eu server if you need a atlas fix to tide you through
  7. ok so you can claim lawless land and take all in claim area so will this apply to claimable islands as well , in the early days you claimed the island you had the buildings as well but not ships so if you can claim all now then why not claim islands as well like it used to be get islands get all the goodies as well,only fair but i think being able to claim armoured docks and ship it just a bit to far unless it applys to all islands lawless or other wise. but for single players and small companys its hard enough getting and keeping gold and different mats now ppl can come along at take all in 45 mins all your hard work is gone could be weeks or months or work down the pan as one post put it a naked nob just sailing by see it and takes it all. and as for new players and peopl who can not play much they have little hope of getting any meaning full game going as once again even if they claim a bit of land along comes the naked nub and all is lost again damn i hate that guy. so from now on things are going to get much harder players living in the lawless islands
  8. i am sure others have asked this but would it not be good if you could use alliance beds ships etc and they could use yours , a option on the item which would simply say allow use by allies then if you are doing maps or kraken if something happens the alliance member could take control and teleport to a bed if needed for help in defense it would make things so much easier.
  9. Hi all i was wondering if anyone had suggested a world event, one thought is a super ghost ship surrounded by galleons brigs and frigates all of them much higher than normal. the event would happen at random times but there would be a server wide message something like the armada of the damned has been sighted and it would spawn at a random sector for ease the power stone islands once it is on its way there is say a two hour timer until the armada appears but once the announcement has been made an icon will appear on that sector so everyone knows were to go. in the zone it would be like the free port no person can harm another so there would be no friendly fire so no chance for greifiers to spoil people fun and everyone would have to work together to kill all the ships and i have an idea for how they appear in the zone, first the sky would darken then a vortex would appear in the sky above were the ships would appear then the water were the ships would appear would start to churn the slowly the masts of the ghost ships would appear from the water like shark fins rotating out side clock wise the counter clockwise slowly emerging from the water, suspenseful music would be good at this point then once they have fully emerged the slowly come to a halt, then with a explosion of sound and light the main ship would appear in the center and the ship would all attack anyone in the area. the number of ships would be something like 20 schooners-15 brigs - 10 galleons and the main ship which would be twice the size of a normal galleon or bigger, there would be three achievements one for surviving the event another for defeating the main ship and one for killing multiple events. and you could not kill just the main ship as it would be indestructible to start, each ghost ship that is destroyed makes the main ship more vulnerable so if you kill all the ghost ships then it would be easier to kill with say only the strength and fire power of 10 normal galleons. and apart from achievements you would also get a reward for what good is killing a large ghost ship without treasure at the end of it, it could be a random item all should be of legendary or mythic and special ones above mythic as you could only get these items once a week or longer and they could be anything weapons, clothes, building bits etc even tames. and like the kraken once the even starts the area would be on lock down but you can re-spawn back on your ship or another of your company's until the event is over or all your ships are sunk. well thats my idea just a little something to spice things up a bit just imagine all those ships fighting it would be a good sight to see. well thats all for now hope this gives you some good ideas. P.S if you think this is a good idea then give it a bump.
  10. well this game is not the first to do this and wont be the last but having so much time between telling everyone and the actual wipe will mean a lot of people will stop playing and find something else to play and may not come back. Gamers are fickle folk and get board easily,a week or at the most two weeks notice would be perfect, you may think we will make the game how we like and take all the time we need thats fine, but take that time to make the game update right then tell us about a wipe not tell us then leave us hanging. or you may be thinking we have there money now so who cares what they think, i have played a lot of alphas and betas in my time and wipes bugs etc are normal and the update looks good and you have put a lot of work into it but the longevity of a game is down to the playable content and keeping the gamers hooked by making things interested and having a goal to achieve weather a game one or a personal one, but when a wipe is announced people will start to take things easy because anything they build-capture or tame will be gone. i like the game lots to do but for the love of GRUD in future please do not leave so long between announcement and wipe. p.s a free submarine would be nice
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