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  1. If they use a glitch then others will and it takes the fun from the game. All I’m saying is if people aren’t happy about me posting this it’s not my problem. I don’t care what chase is doing that’s all they do is bitch about things. If there’s bugs and game breaking glitches I’m going to report it. It’s dumb crashing servers with ritual stones and it’s dumb glitching your ships just to be able to stand up to another company because they can’t win ship battles otherwise. Im posting the issue to get their attention I’m not posting it for anyone’s approval
  2. There are two things in Atlas that so badly need to be fixed first one being ritual stones. They need to be disabled because when used they crash the server and erase what happened. There’s a company on one of the Xbox only pvp servers who’s at war with mine. They use the ritual stone to crash the server and save tames of theirs we killed or ships we sank. They’re also doing a ship glitch that gives their ships max ship damage and max resistance. It makes it difficult to sink them and it is an unfair advantage. Now my company is using it to combat them and I don’t want them using it. The console pvp server is emerald coast and the company abusing these bugs and glitches is called R I D. These need to be addressed immediately please. The ritual stone just has to be activated to crash and to do the ship glitch you respec the ship to 396 durability, bottle the ship after 48 hours you unbottle it and respec to full damage. Now you have full durability and full damage it just doesn’t affect front and rear castles. Server resets and gridding do not erase the respec only a ritual stone crash will. Disable ritual stone and fix the ship glitch please.
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