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  1. Then you might as well limit mines, lumberyard, quarry etc. to 1 per island/company ... some companies have 3-4 standing and others have no space.
  2. You have reduced the shipyards so nicely to 3, I would do the same with the farm structures like mines, lumberyards, quary etc, because many players have 4-5 lumberyards, mines, quary etc standing . I would set these to 1 per island and company so that other or new players also have a chance to set up something and don't immediately lose interest in the game
  3. Well, I have to be honest, I find the smaller map much cosier and also clearer, I'm thrilled. However, I would possibly make 5 servers with the same map so that the players can split up, because there are unfortunately selfish players who take up an enormous amount of space and grids. In this sense, keep up the good work
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