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  1. This needs to be a thing for single player, it's annoying spending all those resources to build economy structures only to find out they're worthless, especially when you collected them all on your own. Devs, please please PLEASE give single player some love, I promise we don't bite, we're just socially awkward. We'll even let you pet us. Just love us a little.
  2. I'm not usually one to necro an old post but I'd love to see a map key explaining what all of the map markers mean, funilly enough typing "altas map key" into google doesn't get me where I'm trying to get and I've spent several minutes looking for it. Your post is the closest thing I've found lol. I've even tried looing around the playatlas forums to no avail so if anyone comes across tis post and can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it, if not then at least it was cathartic screaming into the void.
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