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  1. Any word on what day the wipe is coming for this season ? Also , is there a reason you can't put a wall hook on a post anymore , hence the only way you can make a light pole. SMH
  2. Any word on what day the wipe is coming for this season ?
  3. Is the grid problem with b1 b2 b3 b4 fixed yet. Starting to feel like I'm in Davey Jones locker ,,, again
  4. Yea alot of us are dealing with this , wonder what the devs are going to do , wish they'd delete my character so I can start over since all I had was a sloop. Lost me boat , speaking of boats. Enough with this modular ship bs. Were tired of them boats. Add more buildable ships like schooner brig n galli
  5. Yea last I was on Ross I landed in b1 on wensday or tuesday night , next day hopped on and b1b2b3b4 all were missing on join atlas map , try to join and unable to query server for info server error message
  6. This is bs , since the update i haven't been able to get on , in b1 , just started playing again for the first time in 8 months and now I can't even get on
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