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  1. Fact: Fast travel does not allow personal inventory to travel with you but if you have multiple Warehouse w/Market you can fast travel unlimited amounts of materials across grids. Devs: To make this fair: 1. Remove the ability for Warehouse /Market Owners to create their own trade prices amongst themselves to freely transfer materials over grids without ships, but instead use Tramp Freighters. 2. Have Market opened up to everyone with Markets at the Free Ports with item costs being set by the global market against pricing standards to thwart those that want a magical safe transportation of their Warehouse goods across grids to avoid risk of losing it while sailing across the open sea.
  2. Fix the Markets to actually work for everyone as a true auction house simular to World Of War Craft. Currently people are using it as a safe way to transfer items from multiple warehouses from different grids they own INSTEAD of transporting it with ships. Atlas does not allow players to take personal inventory when fast traveling and this should also apply to Markets and Warehouses.
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