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  1. I'm an old school gamer who doesn't care for anything Pvp, I spent enough time in my younger days getting pissed at games you couldn't Save and had restart entirely when the lives ran out! I love open world building games the most now, and Atlas is a top favorite of mine. Personally designing a Pirate ship and being the captain is bad ass! I know this game has a lot of developing to do and thank the Devs. for the work you do. I personally hope you keep working on single player and add more content to it(like attackable merchant ships and towns) in the future.
  2. How do you get the mines to work? I have placed three mines, one by gems, one by regular stones that have Iron, and one by crystal.. yet none of them are producing anything! I have fuel in them and the mining is turned on. By the way I'm playing on Xbox one.
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