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  1. I absolutely love this game, we've been playing on console for years. I play with a small group of friends and we love the option to host a non-dedicated server and play together without having to rent a server. But I recently upgraded to PC. My feedback and best suggestion would be to add the option for crossplay to non-dedicated servers. Ark has this feature and I would love to see it come to Atlas. I also know many other people that would play this game if this feature becomes available. The more options you can give the players the more successful your game will be, and though this may seem simple to you it would make a world of difference in, not only mine but tons of other players, gaming experience with Atlas. Thank you!
  2. I'm sorta new to atlas and I've been hosting a NON dedicated server for me and a couple of friends on my xbox one. I never had an issue until the tradewinds update came out. Now I am only able to progress for a day or two and then my game with crash. And then it will crash on the loading screen everytime I go to launch the non dedicated session forcing me to delete the save and restart. This has happened 3 times now recently. I understand that the older xboxes are not ideal for atlas but i havnt had a problem until now. Just wondering if anyone using a newer console like the One X, is having the same problem on Non dedicated or if the problem is with Atlas. Thank You!
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