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  1. I quit this game to hard for a solo just trying to learn the game spent days scraping enough gold to buy a Schooner then someone killed me and took it I understand it’s pvp but the grind to get the gold is just to much
  2. I’m Fairly new to the game is getting the bottles the best way of getting gold ? I’ve been diving ship wrecks Most I’ve had is about 400 gold there’s also been some where I couldn’t get the gold the wrecks where on sandbanks no way in
  3. My aim on this game would be to have a gallon and be a pirate sailing the oceans at the moment I’m spending all my time on land still only have sloop
  4. I’ve only just started playing this game I played ark for a long time so I’m used to the grind but the Ship prices are ridiculous it would Take me till this time next year to get gallon and then I would be Reluctant to take it into a fight in case I lost it love the game but too much grind not enough fun
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