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  1. You damaged the map - again. Didnt you notice this?
  2. As much as necassery, as less as possible ...this is my own assessment of what you are doing. It would have been enough if the existing problems had been fixed, of which there are plenty. You don't seem to realize that you are damaging the game's reputation and that more and more players are leaving it. It's a shame to see this, in the core really good game, die like that because the developers don't seems to be really interested in it anymore. You tell me something about early access and small team - in my ears this sounds like blablablanotinterestedinanythingleaveusaloneblabla There was so much time, there was so much feedback from the community - why dont use it, why dont hear on it? If there is anyone who have really reason to cry, its your community... what's left of it
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