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  1. You reduced the gold cost for the brigantine but not the schooner? Reduce the gold cost on the schooner, ffs. So many people have requested this change. Many have quit because you've absolutely ruined your early game experience, especially with your garage implementation of trade and how claiming works.
  2. You aren't listening to your players.. you aren't listening to your players.. you aren't listening to your players.. you aren't listening to your players.. you aren't listening to your players.. Do you sense a theme here? Because everyone else seems to see it. Nobody plays this game because they want to poke around in a sloop. No doubt next patch they will add a 5000 gold cost to sloops and we will get a community post soon afterward telling us how much players love the new "Raft Wars" /sigh
  3. Glad to see barrels were changed... disappointed that ship gold cost was not modified. As a small company player, I uninstalled recently but am still following the patch notes. We gave it a try, but it is just too much of a drag to get a schooner, let alone a brigantine for us as adult gamers. Maybe next patch.. hoping, do miss the game. But do not miss the added (excessive) grind for gold in the early game.
  4. 5000 for a schooner? Wished you had listened, this is no longer for me. No one wanted this change. Uninstalled. I'm done.
  5. Hopefully you do re-evaluate the cost for gold for ships. My company is quitting after the wipe and adopting a wait and see approach while we play other games. We are casual players on PVE Official and clearly no longer a target audience or priority for the game, it is your IP to tank after all, so do what you want, we are ready to play something new. If you do have a change of heart (given we all backed this during EA based on the games actual value proposition of getting players into the water and play as a pirate.. instead of a fucking trade simulator.. you could consider something where gold prices are tied to the number of ships linked to a unique player or account, meaning the first ship is heavily discounted so more players can get into a schooner faster. Sloops, as the super majority of your players have indicated, are absolutely insufficient to the task of participating in the super majority of content. Try costing steps, zero gold, 175, gold 250 gold, 500 gold, etc. Or just discount the first. But 5,000? Crazy guys, just crazy. Please reconsider. If not, I'll check the patch notes again in six months.. that is if you are still in business then.
  6. This is insane. There is literally nobody left playing the game but a handful of small companies. You’ve literally killed the game for the people who’ve been your most loyal supports and continue to play your game. These gold costs for building ships aren’t just outrageous. They are game breaking! And you haven’t even released information to indicate how much money the trade system provides. As others have said it is deep in the tech tree. None of these things will work in practice for small companies. And you aren’t winning with your large companies due to barrels. Nami sees this on Discord every god damn day. You’ve literally torpedoed your own game.
  7. Please remove the gold cost from shipyards. This change disproportionately impacts single players and small companies. It has added no value to the game. Please reconsider.
  8. I really wish you had listened to your community. Gold at the shipyard is an incredibly stupid decision and is a major turn off. No one wanted this. There were no positive comments about this. Yet you did it anyway. You kept in burning barrels and you then added another hurdle to create ships.. in a game that is suppose to be all about getting people out on the water. It is as if you have no idea how people play your game. My company is disbanding and moving on to other games. We are done with this bull shit.
  9. Please, please, please reconsider introducing a gold cost for ship crafting. This puts all the burden on solo players and small companies and will not really change anything for large companies. It took me hard work to convince a few friends to buy the game and start playing regularly. But they are committed and we are having fun now. We are a small group and have zero - absolutely zero - interest in joining a large company. We all have demanding jobs and family with limited time and irregular schedules - we are casuals enjoying a game that lets us build ships, explore and generally act like a rag tag group of pirates. Please do not become World of Warcraft with significant barriers to core components of your game, gold in the crafting system is a poor decision and will harm groups that don’t have the capacity to participate in your higher tier end game stuff. Everything else sounds good and helps to grow your world, but you need to know that on an average night many of the people online playing are solo and small group players. You risk alienating the people who have stuck with you since you launched early access. I’m one of them. Please reconsider. Ship building is one of the things I really love about this game.
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