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  1. So I'm guessing by the lack of a response , I'm doomed , my character is gonna have to wait for a restart again before I can play pve or what? What a shame I love this game and cannot play now. At least on pve. I don't really want to play pvp not really my thing. If anyone has a suggestion to what I can do to get my self unglitched hit up this thread and let me know please.
  2. Clostridium219 (gamertag) Clostridium° (pirates name) Xbox one Whales solitude PVE server Approach and island in D8 crashed, Logged back in Crashed I'm at the point that it reaches b lack loading screen with 3 dots and crashes to Xbox home screen Everytime now.
  3. I'm currently glitched in D8 my game will not load because I belive something on the island crashes me Everytime it gets to the black loading screen. So I actually got glitched out of solitude..
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