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  1. I know I wanted to go look for whales in my region but turned around due to large red letters and map going nuts when you pull it up. Please fix!
  2. Thanks, I could tell something was wrong the way we lost 2 ships the same night.
  3. Yes, Make Altas Great Again. I will make sure to board every ship going forward. Thanks all!
  4. They had not been taken out for awhile. They were securely anchored. I have had this happen twice before so we keep a good eye on our ships. I was just wondering if this has happened to others. If this happened to one of my main ships I would be upset. Life with Atlas. MAGA!
  5. We keep mats and gold on our boat with one crew sweeping. Company log just said they were removed not destroyed. If was a fun game at one point. Hopefully it will be again.
  6. I had 2 ship removed from our company last night. Crews are out there swimming around. One was a Gallon. ??
  7. Anyone else have trouble fast traveling?
  8. Thank you all for replying to this topic. All I wanted to do vent that a ship skeleton is in my 219 ship yard and that needs to be fixed. It appears that some people got but hurt over this. LOL. New World!
  9. Thanks Pooter I didnt realize that the SODs and the ship skeletons were all my fault. Sorry guys for messing up the game. My bad.
  10. INIGO I read it, I play on xbox and PC. I have been part of many betas the point is to make the game better not worse. The SOD and the ship frames need to be fixed. So yes this game is turning into a POS. I only get on now to maintain my bases and feed animals. This last hot patch did not make me go to sea more but become a land lubber.
  11. I loved playing this game until the wipe. I guess it was the dev's wiping their ass with our money. ?
  12. Well my frame is in a 219 mythical shipyard, they need to fix this.
  13. I destroyed a ship frame in my shipyard and it won't go away and now I can not use it. Help!
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