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  1. I just hope the dev's actually look at other games successes in the same genre. Passively gaining resources and income isn't a fun mechanic in any game. The whole market place with passive trades etc. all needs to be reworked. It really did kill a large chunk of content for PVE players, while not offering a whole hell of a lot for PVP players either. The whole mechanic of passively receiving any types of resources or income is just not entertaining. Add in pre-made ships u can purchase for gold with little customization and what do you get? It's like the dev's don't even understand what people still cling to this game for in PVE, it's human interaction it's trading and bartering - it's making cool customized and unique ships in their own shipyards, not buying premade ships with gold and having everything passively handed to them resource wise over time.
  2. Game is not moving in a positive direction. keep ignoring glaring bugs/issues and lack of pve content. just keep adding more stuff to tame and relying on the community to build "player stories" from pvp, because they clearly won't be gaining any from PVE. They go hand in hand pvp & pve, you can have both simultaneously. Make lawless zones pvp zones, make the safe ports and non-lawless zones PVE. Do it all in 1 big server, those that want to PVP go to lawless, make rare resources in lawless, and or keep the golden age where you have to sail through (lawless) pvp zone to engage with golden age. You can do both pve and pvp on a single server. It's so stupid how when I go to PVP I see the biggest companies hiding their stuff in freeports and getting on every 8-12hrs just to repair stuff. Give people both choices, let their be PVP zones and PVE zones on 1 large server, make it so you can't craft the best stuff without taking risk in those pvp territories fine. Most PVP stories are those of people quitting anyways due to broken mechanics. Even hardcore pvp fans will often agree they don't enjoy losing everything while being offline raided etc. Let people that want to pvp do so in lawless and have fun make it a battle zone as it should be, and those that don't want to can avoid it while not being able to accomplish max end game tier items/ships etc. without risking it in lawless. Many games have been able to accomplish both pvp and pve on single large servers, the community is too small to even justify having a separate pve and pvp server at this point.
  3. The current state on island claims on the PVE server is out of control. 1. Companies get way too many company points now to spend on islands, when I played previous and had only 6 to 7 members we could only claim a small like 32-35pt island off of A13, we had something like 43 company points total. Now we have 10 members and we've got over 100 company points. Enough to own a couple of decent size islands or 4-6 15-20pt islands. 2. Upkeep on islands is insanely cheap now, most islands pay for themselves or close to it. Which means they hardly ever come on the market, and when they do - they are swarmed. 3. On server wipe for PVE there should of been a cooldown inbetween island claims ,24-48hrs before you can claim another island. This would of prevented the insane land grab the first hours the server was re-opened after wipe. 4. So many grids that have 1 island only, or just 2 tiny islands. I understand the trench zones maybe, even though several of those also have 2-3 islands in them but there are so many that have literally 1 island only which makes that grid boring too and limits global interaction. All zones with only 1 island - J1,K6,B9,K10,H11,K11. All zones with 2 tiny islands - C1,K4,A5,A8,B8,B9,A9,F10,A11,B11,E11. 5. PVE needs to have a limit on island claims, I don't really care how big your company is you don't need 6 islands. My company has 10 people and I could claim 6 of the smallest islands too, or a couple of decent size ones and that is too much, especially when lawless zones are overflowing and rage quitting over lag and max tame limits. So many poorly designed grids, with tiny islands or 1 island only in it and too many greedy companies with too many company pts to spend with no limits. Allies of ours were able to claim a 57pt island with just 2 members in their company the day servers came up after wipe. I just don't understand how that is even possible. Good for them but really? Is the goal for the devs just to wait for companies to quit game because getting an island to call their own is next to impossible and they can't tolerate living ontop of each other anymore in lawless with insane ping and tames maxed? While greedy companies have multiple island claims for use or for sale to the highest bidder?
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