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  1. the devs just treolling us now we pay money to play and then have the devs lie to us about bieng for solos n stuff lolz get on the sea but beter pay the gold that is hard to get so much solo just to lose it cause you cant practice and make mistakes in sailing a new brig or even ur new schooner yall are the ones makeing not fun at this point
  2. check this you can only put the warehouse near the water correct noww what happens near the water the megas blow anything and everything up that is near the water and one more thing i dont have litteral 5 to 10 hours to build the base cause i have a job to get to and can only play for like 3 or 4 hours a day and i cannot breed good tames to do the higher tier maps cause we all know trying to solo a masterwork map is suicide on a solo bear and how would i get the gold together to make a ship and build the parts for it ok did it done but gotta log off for work get on next day oop got raided by idk void or sumthin and now its bye bye gold and mats for the boat i only continued to play cause i could farm a boat everyday to keep a boat because this game and the new devs favor the bigger companys rather than the smalls and solos
  3. im just waiting to play again when i can make a ship in a day or two without haveing to risk severaplo thousands of golsd just to go pick up some exotic wood
  4. they realy be asking thwe large groups what they think i stopped playing cause its so hard to get good combat ships up and they ruined island defense barral bomb gliderts were the best way to stop a harbour run when you do actually manage to get a schooner here comes the big componies to take that win away from you the day you get it sometimes the hour or right as you drop it out of the yard you guys do not want smaller companies on the wqater you are catering to the larger groups out there by takeing away the ability to get a ship up quickly and for people like myself who only have 3 or so hours to play you guys made it so hard to progress to ship combat and evenj to get a pve ship you guys realy need to stop asking big companies and pve players for ideas for pvp stuff i do not have the time to try and grind 18 k or so gold to get a brig up just to lose it the same day and what happens when you get reapetadly griefed by players in lawless or you actually manage to get an island its taken in the next combat phase because we cannot get boats up fast enought to combat the larger companies you guys have ruined a game thta i loved for along time on both pc and xbox all we asked for was new ships for some diversity and perhaps an easier way to get mats that are not on our home islands as the megas have a monopoly on most stuff but no we got bears that can wear bloody hats
  5. im sorry i know you all are trying but the glider thing is kinda stupid and as for everything eles i think kinda dope but the lumberhouse thing is dope but it is already kinda hard to fit more than 2 or so farmhouses in the range of the warehouse bear hats aree cool tho but to be completly honest you are ruining the game even more than you have already no ships until you farm so much gold cant glide around ur island to aid in tactical defense information asumeing you dont get wiped by the larger tribes with 70+ memb ers and several alt companys that aid them in atacks and or defense you say you want people on the water and that you want to be more friendly to solo or small groups but every update implemented thus far has seemed to be the oposite other than the farms and markets thos were good adds but we need more boats that are good ish in a fight (assumeing you know how to sail them) there realy is not a way to learn how to fight on a boat without loseing thousands of gold because you sunk your companys only schooner trying to defend your dase location from people who have been playing the game for awhile i for one am starting to realy dislike the game due to the fact of the way you guys seem to contradict yourselves with every update
  6. if you want people on the water why not make the price of ships based on the quality of the shipyard like the common small shipyard to make a schooner be like 2k gold and the mythical version cost like 6k or 8k gold and you have to pay more for a better ship which would make it easier for small groups or solo to get out on the water but the bigger company's have to pay more for the ships and possibly reducing the small groups losing the boat they did like 50 maps to get to the larger groups that have people on all day long farming gold cause they will get a better shipyard by doing maps and kraken or making possible to recover some gold from a sunken player boat like a galley which costs 50 k if it goes down you could find 25k out of it from you sinking it and making it juicer to go fight other players boats. as to the fog of war thing if its not gonna be a thing take out the skills for it is kind of confusing as to what it means or redo them to do something.
  7. hey guys just wana remind yall to focus sea combat so you beter farm 25k gold so you can get a brig and then make the planks buy the crew o and sorry for you solos or people who only wana do sea stuff or are new to the game your s.o.l
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