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  1. I spent six months on this game and over two different xboxes just specifically for this one game yall took a good thing and are literally ruining it we had a community we had friendships and trades and all sorts of stuff ourselves sure the content wasn't great but it still wont be yall took what we had and are literally crapping on it good for you I doubt I'll be part of that just so you can screw me later with another "necessary " wipe to add more bull crap amd take away the great parts of the game that made this a place I wanted to be part of guarantee you ruin everything i loved about this game while not fixing anything that was wrong time will tell but past dev's said they would fix things and only "fixed" minor stuff that was helpful to us the players and made the rest of the game lag central and loosing of tames wayyyyy worse once again I hope I'm wrong so restore my faith and you'll have a player for life though next time before you screw us how about a little more notice so we actually have time to do end game stuff if we haven't yet for all those daily grinders who never did end game stuff because they wanted to build an empire or have a million tames in short dont just lie to us about how you are gonna do all these great things then not deliver and if that's how yall are gonna do business I'll be taking my business else where
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