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  1. Wow they are fixing things AND adding new content and you trolls wanna continue to cry. @nisarrrrr you wanna cry about 7 babies? I just killed a squid that took me 4 hours to find and was on my way down to harvest when it crashed. New player new server so no submarine yet got ganked by the other 2 squid that were there. But i'm not gonna bitch at the devs because I DiDnT gEt a wArNiNg!!! It's no wonder they don't talk to you idiots about updates respect goes both ways kimosabi... You should be glad they've proven all you whiners wrong about them leaving the game and realise you agreed to buy a game that's not finished. WE are the testers geniuses, how about you all start acting like it instead of cluttering up the forums with tears and scaring off potential new players and provide constructive input instead.
  2. Ok so I've been looking at posts on managing npc crew from the wheel on xbox. There doesn't seem to be a guide so maybe someone here can help. My issues are I cannot figure out how to hotbar npc groups. I assume with a group selected you can then assign them to a canon group d-pad L d-pad R front or back but the back and right cannons stay highlighted purple. I can activate and deactivate front and left cannons but not rear or right side. I currently have left and right side manned up dunno if that's affecting things or not.
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