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  1. ADDed PvP grids! Hoping to see some new players come and Join. We didn't add the sea forts to our server, but will be working to add the ramming ship NPC to our freeport Grid we will do trades old school atlas lol.
  2. @Gaylord Pussy Riders II I sent you a PM. We did have to fix a few grids (meaning wiping them). I do Advise players to join our discord so you know what we are doing with the server. Events and more get posted in discord. There is a chance you were in a grid that we had to fix. If there is anything I can do please let me know. I can replace Ships and a few things for the inconvenience. Maybe hook you guys up with a few animals. It would be easier to get in contact with my though discord. @Gaylord Pussy Riders II I can also give some levels back. I will need to know what grid you guys are in.
  3. @UnderTaker905 I have allowed animals like razors. I will not do a free Crab or tortugar. However, there was an event held where I spawned a crab hidden on an island.
  4. Updated map posted. We did have some issues with where the new players were spawning, but we fixed that. Players are now spawning in on safe islands in A1 with npcs to trade resources to get their first ship. Hope to see some new Friendly Faces. ️
  5. We may be increasing xp to x3.0 or x4.0! We just Added in 3 islands that have the Iron wood. There is also talk about increasing rewards for ships of the damned. Will be adding the updated map later today.
  6. Been doing fun little events for players here and there. One of the events I had hidden a crab on one of the islands for players to go find and claim. We may be Building a maze for players to play in and find things. Another one is going to be a treasure hunt. We will give hints to the players for the treasure hunt.
  7. I really hope the farmhouses don't make the animals useless... and I really hope you can't just buy Mythic ships. Otherwise looks interesting. Would love to see more animals, skins, and decorations!
  8. As for Events, yes we will hold all kinds of events. Admins just need some time to pull some ideas together. Every new player gets to pick a free tame when they join. We have also been giving 3 hour dragons for players to kinda run around and explore the map. We all kinda suffered from Official servers wipe, and want to help players get started because lots of them have lost so much.
  9. @Sydhart Again we tried to keep rates pretty close to the official servers as we did not have an issue with the rates. Some things are boosted just not much. some of the rates Boosted to... x2.5 xp x6.0 Gathering x4.0 Taming speed
  10. 𝕱𝖎𝖗𝖊 & 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉 Ahoy Pathfinders! x10 GOLD for Treasure maps. Unofficial PvPvE Server 6x5 map PC Only Roughly 270 Islands. Max Level 130 All Powerstone Islands Fog of War Enabled Friendly Fire Enabled Age Slower x3 xp x6.0 Gathering x4.0 Taming speed Wild Animal Levels 30 (Kept close to official because breeding is how you get higher lvls). Perfect wild tames come out at level 44. All power stone islands are on one Grid in C3. FreePort grid is in A1, but we do have freeport Islands in other grids where ships won't have rapid decay. Rates and other things may increase as we progress. A few things are still being worked on to get the server right (Nothing bad that would cause the whole server to wipe). No Collision Building so you can clip walls/foundations into anything Unlimited Player Respecs Automatic Updates Tundra & Polar Grids Whale spawns are Boosted All Players PvPers and PvErs are welcome to our server! We use cross chat with world chat & Discord. Keep up with players in world chat just by using discord. We tried to Keep some of the rates close to official servers, but some are boosted. With Official PvE map becoming smaller, and them forcing EU & NA players together we thought it would be great to give the PvE community another option. We just added some PvP grids. PvP and Ship battles between players are allowed in all F grids, but F5. Mods are cool, but they are risky. We have no mods added, and have no plans to add any until the game becomes more stable. We don't like wipes, and we will do anything in our power to avoid them. If you need or want anymore info about our server you're welcome to join our discord. https://discord.gg/dXzRc4q
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