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  1. Answered you in ths message decided to send you this quote the Server in question is NA PVE grid L6 thank you for any help
  2. The NA PVE L6 server has been unable to acess for over a week now I have to log in 20-30 times to get 2-5 minutes total play time so that I can keep my animals feed let me say this is not making the game very fun for me I have spoke to others on L6 and they are anxious to get back to playing also as always thanks for your help in this matter
  3. The NA PVE server grid L6 is still down
  4. The NA PVE server grid L6 thank you for you attention to this matter
  5. L6 still down no response from Dev team . Hard to get behind a game when you cant log in
  6. Did the Reinstall solve the problem ???
  7. Need help from community since Devs dont seem to be paying attention. Been trying to log in for 3 days now . Rejoin atlas isnt even on log in screen anymore when you log into Join atlas and choose location my grid isnt even on the map. was told to log into nearby freeport then travel to bed but when log in it sends me back to my home no matter what grid I try logging into . When I do spawn at home cannot do anything access boxes or inventory or eat or anything else just can run around. Then after about 2 minutes It kicks me out and message from battleye says { lost timed out pending contact to host } really like this game just does my no good if I cant log on for days . Please advise
  8. Ive been waiting for a game like this to come along for sometime now and Its pretty close to checking all the boxes . My only problem is with how fast you age over a year a day even when your not playing . I would like to see something closer to 1 day = 1 month or 1hr =1 day or even maybe match it to the day and night cycle . I feel it takes quite a bit away from a game and my play time when I have to dedicate a day each month to running a mandatory quest for FOY just to stay playable . We put alot of times into these toons they should at least last a few months. I feel having to run the fountain of youth should be a 2 - 3 time a year requirement at the most. I am hoping that this gets attended so I can continue to enjoy and grow in the community with this game . Thank the Devs for all your hardwork and keep up the good work
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