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  1. Can we stop with the pointless boats that get one shot please? We're all tired of the reskinned schooners. Stop being lazy, and make a frigate, or that Indian model you use for sunken treasure dives. Add another brig model or two, different gallies. We play for the ship battles, make barrels for land raiding only, and get rid of the catapults on them. You've addressed the ammo problem, now we can slug it out instead of EVERY boat running barrels because they're a must have too even be competitive. Add new weapons, an skill that let's you add your spyglass to the carbine.
  2. Honestly, I'd love to see the single player sort of PvE move into the live servers. Those pirate camps, npc ships. It'd make things more interesting.
  3. I'll be honest, normally I'm pretty excited for a wipe, but I really don't feel the hype this time. The trade system, seems like a great idea, but you remove gold from everything but SoTD, Maps, and the new trade system. Perhaps take the time too fix the SoTD loot table, by removing the gold, and medium sails from them, and perhaps lower the % on the ammo from the ships as well. It's good to see that the map will be fixed, and more changes done too the islands for the neutral points. Though, this and the promise of a new boat, seems like it'd be enough, I can already predict that the returning numbers will be much lower this season, as there's been no address too the barrels. If you want to keep them in the game, great. Please move them too catapult only ammo, or large cannon only ammo, while removing the % increase from ships too the damage. This would keep them around 3k damage too a 300% boat, making them not overwhelming, and allowing them to be used as 'deck clearers' as of right now the 'pirate' game's only fun aspect is land pvp. Which isn't saying much for a game based to be built around the seas.
  4. Honestly the map size is perfect, there was nothing worse than taking a boat out last season, knowing it was a 6 hour commitment, because of sail times. The issue with the game, isn't the lack of islands available, or that it's not built for the solo player, or small companies. This is literally prevalent in every game you play, even in RL, the larger over takes the smaller. If you want an island, take one at the start of the season and hold it, or move into a company. As most BIG companies now....are like 20 active players on a saturday night, if your lucky. The issues that need to be addressed, is the fact you go over 255 ping for hardly nothing. They need to put in large harbor walls, that have like 50k health or something, and same sizes as our current ones. Actual large sea gates, and that'll cut most of your grids' lag down, due too a majority of it, is building viable harbors. Barrels need to be re thought, don't take them out of the game, make them a catapult only ammo, so their viable for land raiding. This alone would cause a lot of players too come back, and make the catapult useful, as those rocks are pointless. Overall, I think stability, andd cutting down server lag, should be the large focus, and if you're putting anything new in a FRIGATE!!!!!!!!!! I mean, you're going too go for a ram, get barreled, and sunk in 30 seconds, while folks scratch their head going...what were they trying to do? Ultimately most of the updates in this patch were fine. But the QoL should've been addressed primarily.
  5. I was more hoping of the announcement for the frigate, some weapons/armors. We seriously need that breach between brig and galleon shortened, and the whole shield/mace being the only viable weapons, makes the game stale after 2 seasons of it.
  6. Hi there, I'd like too point out that those below 120, had lost quite a few max levels. I was able to go too 90, my max level is now 78, and I'm 81. Discovery points were shrunk? I mean one guy in our company lost 24 max levels in total. I don't understand why this should've knocked us down lower as well? I mean for this drastic of a change, maybe a wipe should've been done instead. I'm sure those higher up are crusty as well, but least they get too stay max level.
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