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  1. Nope... can't join official or unofficial.
  2. I cannot join official or unofficial. It's always the same... unable to retrieve address, dashboard, or just kicks me back to server listings. I played Ark for over a year with private and official servers no probelm. This isn't Internet or console related unless something in the game code is drastically different from Ark to make this happen.
  3. Hard boot yes... for days. Reinstall no... it takes 3 days to download game on my Internet so that would be frustrating, but I will give it a shot as no one else has any ideas and tech support has not responded.
  4. Bought this game three days ago and still can't join a single server. "Could not retrieve address" Multiple tickets, comments, threads, request for refund...not a single reply from anyone anywhere. Money. Well. Spent.
  5. Exactly, I have Ark and Fallout76 if I want something to do, but I'm burnt out on those and looked forward to giving this game a shot despite the reviews, but now I'm searching the net and the forums for any way to even LOG on to try it and can't even get that far after buying it. I know it just launched for xbox platform, but geez... can't even verify people can PLAY before you launch??? Very irritating.
  6. Can see all servers...unable to join any of them (could join Freeport Servers when I downloaded trial, but can't join any server since purchase of full game yesterday). XboX1 X 4G LTE Dedicated Hotspot AT&T wireless KY, USA "Could not retrieve address" error 99% of the time. Occasionally it just times out or crashes game to dashboard.
  7. So I'm sure this is me being a Nube and all, but... I just purchased the game yesterday ( had the free trial and went back to xbox game store and purchased it after trial expired) and I can't log on to ANY server. Have tried all four official maps on xbox and attempted to join using the L Joystick Map option AND the server list option. Doesn't matter if it's PVP or PVE map, NA or EU map, map with 0 players or 50+ players... it usually goes to loading screen and then back outs and gives "cannot retrieve address" error (other times it just backs out of loading screen or crashes to dashboard). Is this something I'm doing? On free trial it did the same and only let me join Freeport Servers and I just assumed it was because it was a trial, but after purchase I can't join any server to start playing.
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