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  1. The ability to Knock out NPCs and tame them or the ability to hang or behead them using the guillotine. NPC crew can sail to player designated markers or locations avoiding obstacles the ship may encounter along the way such as land or sotd. This could be utilised by having an NPC crew mate equip a spyglass and then selecting "make lookout" from a selection wheel that could include options such as "set destination" or "target settings" for your lookout to call out if they spot a certain type of target or creature. Remove the weird ingredients from metal forging, making metal ingots should be more like the ark mechanic put the ore in with some fuel light it and get ingots, sap and other weird ingredients just seems too weird and time consuming. Mythical lanterns. Limpet mines Ship mounted mortars (maybe a smaller projectile version) and puck guns Music box that plays songs you can listen to whilst sailing. These are just a few ideas that I thought might be cool.
  2. Hi new console peasant here lol just wondering, does anybody know if it's possible to spawn in the airship, plane and tank on single player Xbox version? Thanks in advance A lowly sea dog Sgt Thumbless
  3. Original Xbox one Internal Single player and official None of the fixes seem to alleviate frame rate issues. Tried pretty much everything. Location doesn't seem to matter either whether it's on land or at sea. Was running fine last night though. Hope this helps. Edit: Now that I'm not in an Xbox party and i let my Xbox sit on the home screen for around half an hour when I went back into single player the frame rate seems to have improved a bit, it is still a little choppy but it is much more playable now.
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