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  1. So.. i dont care about warehouses... ii taxes can be connected directly to the flag.. why farmhouses cant.... but.. want to write something about barrel changes... in season 1 was removed ability shoot barrels from canons.. i think you was able to use them only in ship canons before it was removed... Ships in season 1 havent ability to skill into dmg.. there was only crew, beds, weight and sturdiness... and devs knew about how broken barrels are..... so they remove this posibility to shoot them from ship canons..... Now... season 4... over year later.. we have it here back... but now.. you are able to skill ships into dmg (252%) max... and we have stupidly ridiculous high dmg roll on canons from maps... BUT you can now load barrels into catapults and large canons too... tell me pls.. how stupid you must be to not see this... noone is safe now.. even in harbour... only one safe place is now... freeport... btw.. still waiting for tradewinds... wasnt it trademark of map change? i think you are able to shoot 200 barrels in minute from catapult.. whit 150% dmg catapult.. thats 15000 dmg per shot.. thats 3 000 000 dmg in minute? and you can place catapult on horse... great idea... great dev team.. but i think you need a little comon sence and someone .. who will tell you how to play this game
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