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    Same happened to me at L11 on EU-PVE. Last evening my game crashed once more ( Low Level Fatal Error Crash ) while i was sailing over the sea. It took several minutes to came back in the game (5-10 Minutes). As i finally got in, i found myself on the sea swimming in the waters with my sunken boat nearby the coast i settled down. I took the few meters to the coast out of the water and i recognized that even my structures have gone. my little port, my house, everything is gone now and i have no more controls about anything. i cant die, i can not interact with anything, cant demolish my sunken boat, cant harvest, cant interact with my two tamed pigs. The scariest thing is, that it seems to be like i never have been on this server cause i cant see my buildings. Now i am lost in the game nirvana, game is now really unplayable and dont know how to get out of this mess . Thanks for heelp and reading, sry for my poor english.