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  1. first and for most I never post on forums, but reading the responses to this absolutely awesome DLC being offered I needed to comment. The biggest comment I need to make is there are a lot of people who like to go out and be a pirate and build stuff and have fun on the seas and there is plenty of PVE content for this. Those that like PVP well should have their own arena and the MMO was designed in such a way where PVP is rampant I know as I played on the live servers for a short stint but between what I saw and read about the way the other players abuse other players go beyond teams or regular PVP. It appears to be more of a domination game. The small man will never have a chance. Those of us who want to be able to thrive solo or in small groups would like to have an arena to do so not to just constantly be stamped down by the huge pirate gangs out there who want to show off the epene and never let anyone build to try to give them competition. The reason the servers are so low is because the ones that are left are the ones who like that kind of environment, which is about 20% of the gaming population. So either take what you have sown and use it or find a better way to play and let people actually develop to give you some competition or play something else. I for one like that my small community of players can play the game as intended and enjoy the content and learn the play and make some permanency without it constantly being destroyed or taken, the game in and of itself is very fun and a great environment, without people constantly trying to harass you to fulfill some latently hostility dump. Take care and thanks to the development team who came up with this!
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