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Chinese Hackers Please Help

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I would like to make a few points here:


1. In China, there are really really a tremendous number of game players/lovers.


2. In China, a true game lover/player will always oppose cheating tool or cheating system which break the gaming balance. We shared the same value with gamers from other parts of the world. Please trust me, I am responsible for my words. (P.S., in China there are specific news reporting usual player got attached by cheaters. We strongly disgust such behavior and call those cheaters as ‘orphan’.


3. Based on Chinese official census report(not completed), there are 1.4 billion population in China. Game players took one third of them, which means around 0.5 billion Chinese people love games.


4. The organizer and leader of CSTG is a famous Chinese game streamer. He always participates in the Chinese online or offline public game related events, communicate with worldwide famous video game companies, personally dedicated on pushing the game culture’s development and propagation. Most of his fans(more than 99.999%) are loyal game players and game lovers.


5. CSTG as a gaming association/company has been founded 4 years ago, though it’s in its earlier stage compared to other bigger association. I want to emphasize here: CSTG has long-term gaming experience as well as initial beta testing experience in all kinds of famous online game. In the ATLAS department of CSTG we have 1 person directly supervise the whole association, and 7 others directing sub-divisions. We have more than 10 tribes, total population more than 800. We can also mobilize at least 200 people in a small encounter combat. With such large association, do you think CSTG needs cheating to prevail? And who would believe that our association will use such dirty and despicable means to sabotage a fair gaming environment we cherish the most?


Lastly, we as Chinese game players are strongly oppose and combating with those cheaters. We hope to build a benign, favorable, balanced, happy gaming environment with gamers around the world. Please trust our faith and determination if you are a true gamer too!!!!!!

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