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pve Selling Bears/Wolves/Penguins/Blueprints in H15/EU-PVE

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                                                         The Evans


Hey we are a small Company in H15 Brismagne Island EU-PVE. We are selling tames specially Wolves/Bears/Pinguins and some Blueprints.

Our tames have always 100% Taming Efficiency and Wild Level 37+.


At the moment our stock is quit small, but it will be grow next times ( Before wipe we had more that 40 Bears in stock)

Visit our Discord  for our Full Stock of Animals: https://discord.gg/KBqHNts


Count of Animals in Stock:

Update 27.4

Bears: 2

Wolves :1

Penguins: -


If needed we can deliver the tames :50 G per Grid


Price List :

Tames with <= Wild Level 44

Bear : 80G per Wild  Level

Penguin: 100G per Wild Level

Wolf: 50G per Wild Level







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We have actual 2 high level bears and one high level  wolve in stock and some style wolves
If you are intressed in some spayed full black style wolves/no other colors PM me.

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