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I don't know where the best place to have discussions for this to explain what I feel is the best way to keep as many players as possible happy. I will use my stream as a faster way to talk to people as I write this massive suggestion thread. I am going to cover what I feel are the current problems of this game as well as what I feel could be done better. I will constantly be updating it.


Currently the "hot topic" is claims which I will talk about the directions the game could take and what I feel would be best. I also will talk about things I feel are just poorly designed.



Currently the PvE is in a lawless vs claim flag state. They have pros and cons I will talk about each system and how I believe it will play out.

Current System: This system was good on paper but in execution is awful. Some people could not get land, some could not hold it, some people have more land then they should.

The solution they came up was switch to lawless. This idea is terrible in my opinion. The amount of griefing that will take place will make the game unplayable. I have seen galleys with gates under them in lawless. I have heard of people that box in tames while people are farming. I've seen resources walled off. It's just going to be terrible. One person could literally grief a whole tribe. If you stop your boat somewhere for the night you could wake up with a box around it. The argument is the box will decay the solution to griefing it would be to repair the box then. If somebody doesn't like you they just wall your base in. It's so many possible kinds of grief you would need to watch out for the game would just be unplayable. (look at official on Ark)

-->Idea Make a PvE server for lawless and for claimable (by server I mean NA-PvE-Lawless and a NA-PvE-Claims). Everybody wins... Kinda. I personally don't like the idea of lawless but some people want it so let them have it.

// 3/14 update Claims per person: The idea of limiting the amount of claims a person can have has come up but it opens to a type of grief some of the bigger tribes used to kick out smaller ones. They would claim around them then make a box preventing the person from using their claim. The point was to they make you not want to be around the island and you quit or leave then they get your land. It was dirty and I would prefer people don't have to deal with this. It's why I lean towards 1 company in control of 1 island.

--> Solution: The announcement on the last captains log was that they are going to use the PvP system of 1 flag per island. The size of the island your tribe can claim is based on the size of your tribe. (Bigger tribe = bigger islands) This made some people angry. I believe with no changes to how the flags work this would be a huge headache. With balance changes I think this is going to be the system that defines Atlas as a game. The problems I have seen are-


-Anybody can build anywhere

--> The island owner's job is to keep it clean. When the changes to the claim flag came out a lot of people came to F11 and built taming pens all over the place without us knowing. Some of them are still there undemolishable. The lawless griefing will happen if the owner can't say who can and can't build on the island. If somebody allowed to build on the island decides to grief their neighbor then the owner needs the ability to fix it. (Basically the owner is an unpaid GM for the game it's a kind of civil service for this dying game). Some people hate the idea of taxes.



// 3/14 update- So if we claim the land and it has metal on it and we notice that other people keep taking the metal on our claim our solution is put a wall up and keep others out so we can get the metal on our land. The tax bank is to deter people from keeping others out of their resources because they are losing out on potential resources. // (Note I frown on walling people out types of behavior)

--> This is a touchy subject for a lot of people. People don't want to pay taxes to their overlords. When the tax bank first came out you could set it to whatever and it would not effect the person harvesting. So 10% taxes would make 110% item the harvester got 100% and the bank would make 10%, at 30% it would make 130% item and give the bank 30% while giving the harvester 100%. I guess they fixed it at some point. This is an MMO and should be played with a bunch of people so lets turn this problem into a solution that makes the game better. The way I would do this is going to get mathematical but all in all I feel it will make the game better.

--> Lets make the "Tax rate" not change what happens when people harvest on the island it just makes the bonus and they get 100% of what they farm. So the "mega" tribe goes and puts their "Claim tickets" into their bank so they can claim an island. Each claim ticket is worth .5% tax. So an island that takes 20 tickets will have a tax base of 10%. Another tribe approaches them and would like to build their base on this island but they are not big enough to have actually taken the island (tax tribe). The mega tribe is like no problem they set it so the tax tribe can build. The tax tribe then can put their claim tickets into the tax bank (they have to put at least 1 in). Lets say they put in 10 tickets the bonus for the mega on everybody that harvests on the island goes up to 15%. This is the mutualism. This is the meat that is going to make this beautiful for everybody. So far it helps the tax tribe a little and the mega quite a bit. The tax tribe gets to put down a resource chest on land that can be flagged as the "Primary chest" this chest will get what they give to the mega. So that tribe that put 10 tickets in gets a 5% bonus from what the mega farms on the island. They help each other out. So the mega can get a tax rate of something super high lets raise the cap to like 50% (That is 100 people living on the island) The tax tribe max 25% (Don't want 2 megas to just share a huge island and abuse the farm bonus). Perks for all.

-Random boats

--> Logging in and there's a random boat parked in our harbor just blocking everything has got to be one of the most annoying things ever. This is a big advantage can come from a tribe that claims the island. A safe spot for people to anchor is something that is important in the game but people being able to anchor anywhere is also a problem cause you can grief with it. I think the lighthouse should be the solution. I people should not be allowed to anchor on a claimed island except around where a lighthouse is placed. I think the lighthouse should act as a parking meter though charging an increasing gold per hour. So lets say you are just parking for the night would be 50 gold. The time would increase it though so the longer you are there the more it becomes. So if you leave it there for 3 nights it's 500 gold in total. If you leave it there for a week it's 5k. This might seem steep but leaving your boat in somebodies area is rude IMO. This would create a problem for people trying to do maps. So I believe you should be able to anchor anywhere for a 2 hour window. After that time your ship would just unachor. The mechanic of the time flex would be based off of if you unanchor in an area it then takes that long for it to come off cooldown. This prevents you from just going out and coming back in real quick to reset cooldowns. So if you park for 8 hours at a lighthouse in 8 hours it will be back to 0 total.

-Instanced islands

The instanced island does 2 things. Basically it's the single player mode for the game. Trying to have a regular computer run this game without a server would be nuts because of the optimization issues. So to fix that people could have their own little island (it would actually be a medium island) with all the biomes and whatever they could just hermit to and build whatever crazy stuff they want with access to all the plants and tames and whatever. The only thing you wouldn't have would be boats the reason is because you would have a bed to teleport you to and from the island because it would be more like a solo/creative area for the game. The tutorial island is not intended to have any bearing on the outside world. Some people state they just want an area to build and don't want to play with others this is the area that they can do that on. This also will free up some land. This area would also replace the tutorial zone (freeport). I really like the freeport but it makes the game too easy IMO. (500k fiber/hour solo) etc. What I would want them to do would be change the freeport so only the NPC town part is not buildable then lawless area for the rest of the island. The lawless area would give the generic resources and have the damage decay of 100% damage over 3 days so people didn't use it as a primary base location. People learn to play on the personal island then adventure out of the freeport to lawless and build their first boat. This is what the lawless zones original intentions were so now people launch from freeports. (new players atleast) This will make it so the grids that are currently marked as lawless will become obsolete. So they can make them claimable. This leads to a huge amount of claimable islands. The idea is to make it so theirs more land than needed. I personally want the land to be held by your desire to log on and farm to keep the bank filled.

-Finding claimable land

//Changed 3/16 If the island is not claimed its name will be Blue if it is Claimed with no space it will be red, if it is claimed but has spots you can on build it will be yellow. What does spots you can build on mean? I tossed the idea around in my head about if I could change the game how would I limit where people can build. I talked to Winter Thorne and he mentioned putting an app in to the lighthouse. This set off a lightbulb.

So a Mega tribe comes in and claims the island but wants tenants. As the tribe that controls the island the owner can drop a flag. They can go up to the flag and set a number on it this number determines how many tickets it will cost. They can also write in a note that says this is the rules for living on the island. This new flag now shows up on the map and basically says ROOM FOR RENT! Which will clean up spam and stuff on the forum. You can also put a note on it that describes resources around it how to get to them etc. So a player/tribe that is looking for an area because they don't want the responsibility of owning an island can go there and be like yes or no. If they want it they can click the flag and hit they are interested. This will put a message in the owner tribe's chat that says "Player is interested in area X/Y" the flag on the island symbol will also change color for the tribe. They come over talk to the person if needed and then they transfer the flag to them. This will transfer ownership of the land in the flag to the tenant. The owner tribe can no longer build in that area. The buildings they had in that area decay and delete in 4 days. So the tenant has complete control over that area. This fixes the i'm afraid the land owner will come delete my stuff.

A new problem could arise that the tenant is toxic or stops playing or whatever. The tribe owner from the owner tribe can come over and remove the flag. If that happens it will go into a demo mode and 4 days later the land will go back to the island owner and deletes anything there (so they can't do it to steal it). This gives the tenant tribe time to get their stuff out. An exploit could be to wall off the flag so the owner can't click it. This is fixed by just needing the owner to drop another flag in the circle of the tenant flag, instead of dropping a new flag it just deletes the current one. The land also can't be claimed while the tenant's stuff is still there.

Another rule for flags will be no overlap. This makes it so people get some space when they get space.

Some people might not like the idea of having people put claim tickets into the flag. This does 2 things it would do synergy with that tax bonus idea and it also prevents a solo player from having a base on every single island. Which if the land owner doesn't mind they can set the flag to a different setting. Freebuild! which basically turns the area into lawless with no decay.

//Added 3/16

--Reworked island resources

A possible problem with a tribe claiming a whole island is the big tribes take all the small islands and the smaller tribes have nothing. I personally would not like this because this means I now have to maintain more tames and banks and then sail all over the place. I do see how it could be used by bigger tribes as a way to have the spread of resources needed for the blueprints controlled inside the tribe. I posted this in another thread but I believe the resources should be changed the higher the tier of island. The biggest islands should have 4-5 different wood/thatch/fiber/metal/stone/flint they should also have gems/crystal/honey/sap/salt/coal and they should be able to grow any crop and breed any animal. This will make the bigger islands way more lucrative than a bunch of little islands. Looking at high end progression I want to have the resource spread for blueprints and the best tames possible. This might seem extreme I see why people would be afraid of the big tribes taking smaller islands. If there's a small, a medium, and a large island with the same exact resources and next grid over is a little island that has a resource I can't get in the current grid then I am going to be using 2 islands anyway so it becomes an efficiency especially if I already have tickets put into another island somewhere else and now it becomes 2 smalls with the resources I need vs another medium/large that offers the same as a small. Another thing this would fix is that small tropical paradise with the waterfalls in the multiple tiers (B6/7 has one I think) could have a really neat base on it. It also has massive amounts of oil on it so I could see it being claimed just for the use of the like 20+ oil spawns it has (Like 200-500 a node). This could be turned into a favoritism for megas which I could see being argued either way.  The way I look at it is that big island the mega has will be even nicer for the tenants to have with a resource spread. By having the tenant tribes put tickets in for the claims they have on these bigger islands that have more resources you are also going to free up more space for solo/smaller tribes that want to do their own thing. The people congregating will also help strengthen the community (it's an MMO). The complaint could be taxes which I strongly recommend you turn into a bonus not a tax. The only problem I could see would be people congregating on certain grids and then nobody in most of the map. However it will free up a ton of land doing that which will make a lot of space for growth.



""" I copy pasted this from what I would do as a designer for changes to tames

As a designer I would scrap how animals are at this point. Currently this game is turning into an Ark expansion. I would decide to stop living in Ark's shadow. Currently I've done all PvE material so my day consists of riding around on a level 70 bear with elephants behind me harvesting X resource with hopes of actually needing blue print weapons to complete the next PvE tier. Currently riding is basically a requirement for things to do effectively either everything else needs to be brought up or beastmastery needs to be brought down.

I would change the tree to crew. It would allow you to get animals but the animals would have something they bring to the table and not be rideable. The shoulder mount thing would be fine but cruising around on (current meta tame) is basically Ark. So I now have a blank slate and need to make it so I can get tames. I would want it to be a  low chance from mate boosted animals when you harvest their bodies or a high chance from an alpha. Could also put a vendor in the game that sells the babies. So now my players have a baby X. This whole temperature thing currently is silly and the way to fix it going to require a lot of resources from my company (grapeshot) so the cost would be too great to keep this. The concept is cool but the creation and implementation creates a poor user interaction with it so I would scrap it. The concept of feeding animals something special is a good one so I could fill up a bear with honey and it would mature faster or just use berries cause they are easy but longer time until they are grown.

So now I have a way for players to get tames so I now need to make them useful. This would be the bottom tiers of the crew tree.  Different animals would have a function that fall into combat or utility. For this I would think of how I envision an amazing creature of the type.

  • Bear- Combat- Taunt enemies around the player acting as a tank.
  • Chicken- Utility- When on wander produces eggs
  • Cow- Utility- Produces milk (more on wander)
  • Bull- Utility- when on wander fertilizes nearby crops
  • Crow- Shoulder- When you die acts as a bed.
  • Razortooth- Combat- nerfs alphas.
  • Shieldhorn- Combat- Produces a shield that deflects projectiles. (Currently elementals have little counter play)
  • Elephant- Utility- When on wander collects wood.
  • Giant Pig- Utility- When on wander finds buried items.
  • Giraffe- Utility- When on wander gathers thatch.
  • Horse- Utility- Rideable, pulls carriage and cargo which helps tranports large amounts of people or heavy amounts of resources great distances (we need something that makes unloading a galley not horrible)
  • Lion- Combat- grabs smaller creatures.
  • Monkey- Shoulder- barehanded becomes climbing picks at a much higher stam use rate.
  • Ostrich- Utility- Harvests seeds when on wander.
  • Parrot- Shoulder- Makes musical instruments easier to play and buffs the buff radius.
  • Penguin- shoulder- fortitude buff.
  • Rabbit- Shoulder- When on shoulder provides a movement speed.
  • Rhino- Utility- When on wander gathers stone.
  • Seagull- Shoulder- When on shoulder reduces/removes fog debuff
  • Sheep- Utility- When on wander gathers fiber
  • Tiger- Combat- reduces movement speed of enemies.
  • Vulture- Utility- When on shoulder decreases vitamin depletion.
  • Wolf- Combat- has a howl that increases damage.
  • Turtle- Make tameable- Shoulder- Increase swimspeed, decreases oxygen use, and reduces deep diving debuff.
  • Rattlesnake- Utility- When on wander produces venom, venom is used for anti-venom which reduces torpidity.

So now that I have all these super cool animals I need to transport them and the current bug is they fall off (scavenging tames in the ocean is super lucrative I know a guy that got a Razortooth) I would make it so boats have a animal attachment that is basically a cage and when you send the animal to it the animal gets turned into more of an item that is placed inside the cage instead of being on the boat (no more lost at sea tames yay). We now need somewhere to put all these wandering tames. I would make it so tames on wander don't leave your territory. I would also make it so you can apply a filter on the map to see where certain tames are.

Now for the meaty part of the new tree. I would make it so NPC's you get from SotD have a type of suffix like Bob. Bob would be a builder. You would need points in crew to hire Bob and then you can put him on a smithy. If you have skills in construction you would be able to make things like stone at a reduced cost. The points in crew would only be to get Bob, the points in construction would make it so you can get the discounted building from Bob. This would make Bob your righthand man when it comes to construction of things. You would still need the recipe to make it though. So getting NPC's and keeping them alive would have benefits beyond "I need guys on my sails" which you would want to keep around because sailor NPC's would make your sails better.

This would lead into reworks of the other skill trees, I would make farming capable of making the large crop plots grow fiber,thatch, and wood that the NPC's can harvest at a drastically reduced rate. The rate they harvest can be modified by giving them higher end tools.

Artillery tree would also get access to alchemists that can be put on a mortar and pestle that will make it so you can stack unlimited resources inside it and queue up organic paste for more than 220 at a time... it would also make it faster to give the QoL that is missing from the chemistry station.

I could keep talking about how I would change it but the TL:DR is make animals more companion rather than a requirement but still have meaning. Make NPC's more than a parasite when you arn't sailing. As a designer I would change a lot of things but for creatures this is what I would do.

""" End copy paste for tames changes

(Some of that is out dated but you get the idea)

So lets take the changes for the game so far you get land and have tames and make the NPCs do work you could build a city have traders and basically you build a functioning city that other players come in and interact with. (Which would be so cool 😄 imo) Here is where stuff gets crazy though. this goes under new content.

--Player Cities In PvE Getting Invaded--

// 3/14 Updated and added more

So you have a city that is making money. This would attract pirates in the real world and I believe it would attract them in the game too. (It would in PVP) so they decide to come loot and plunder. This is where it gets rough to program (GOOD LUCK GRAPESHOT!) Only the highest tier islands would be targeted to have this though. The tax bank can only be dropped at a predetermined location and the tax bank determines where the city can be built. Once you have put enough resources into the tax banks. An NPC pirate invasion would trigger. The tax bank would get an item that you can place that starts a 30 minute countdown. The pirate boats would come and start a big invasion. You would have to fight your way from the town center towards the pirate boat then board it to fight and kill the captain. The Pirate faction would send waves at your beacon and try to bombard it. This would also make it so PvE players could use things like puckles, swivels, and my favorite MORTARS! If the pirate faction kills the beacon you lose, the bank loses everything in it and taxes can't be collected for a few days. Killing the captain will win the event for the players. When you win everybody gets discovery points and maybe a special type of vendor for the city. (Like a crew vendor that sells crew? 😄) This would build on my idea that the player cities should actually become the centers for trade instead of freeports. This would also play into another idea I have.


-New pirate faction

The PvPers will attack and sink your stuff to steal it but in PvE we don't have things like that.You just run from SotD and kinda afk for an hour to go do maps. We use a speed schooner or brig with no cannons. Lets change this. With the addition of NPC wrecks I want to see something else. An NPC pirate that has an aggro range based on the amount of resources you are carrying. It will be a fast boat that attacks with cannons and bar shot. (Which is what happens in PvP) The NPC pirates will come onto your boat and try to kill your guys. You could sink their boat and get some gold/ammo/resources/guns/BP's/Maps? I would make it so in order to get masterwork/legendary maps you can only get them from high end pirate ships instead of I want to do maps lets see how lucky I am running around on this bear.


--Int as a stat

I went full int once... It was awful. I try things just to get a feel for what they do. I want the best items I can get for my crew. Somebody else bit the bullet and went super high int so we can get that extra 5% bonus. The idea that somebody gets to just craft is stupid in my opinion. I think this stat could be removed from players and baked into NPC's that can craft (Bob the builder). The level of the NPC would determine his rolls on the stuff he makes. This would make it so you want to get your NPC's leveled up as high as possible. Also with crafting I would have the station interact with the bank/resource chest so I don't need to move thousands of pounds of materials around to try and make things.


(New content will now go here) 😄




//Update Log

3/14 Clarity on instanced island. + Claims per person + Tax bank | Responded to Awakatanka + Winter Thorne + Daemon Cross + trqfreak350 + Eldred

3/16 I talked to Winter Thorne in another thread and came up with ideas. Finding land + Reworked islands idea.

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4 minutes ago, Eve BlackVeil said:

There are many comments on this thread about lawless islands. Whether it be minimizing thee amount of them or dissuading people from settling on them for example. What is so wrong with them? Don't players have the right to choose what is fun for them or what SCENERY is most beautiful in the game to them (I'm speaking of myself here! lol)? I kinda have that rebel vibe feeling from playing on one and I gotta tell ya, It feels pretty PIRATE-ISH imo. In my own warped mind that is.

Lawless as a system was designed for people to use as a place to stay before they get land. All the land got taken and so people never left. You used to not be able to use beds on lawless ground but they patched that because people were stuck there. Lawless allows you to build anywhere which makes it so people on PvE can grief easier. The other problem with lawless is that the resources respawn with no influence of what is built around them. This makes it so you don't have to plan if your new building will stop a precious resource from spawning. The game even in it's description say you search out a claim and fight to maintain it. Lawless in a way is a claim but at the same time keeps the game in Ark's shadow which I feel they want to really break away from.


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Lawless Servers were introduced I think day 1? Because we couldnt log into the freeport servers. They were full. They then opened up other servers for us to use so people could actually log in and play. However these did not contain a freeport. I don't remember them specifically saying their intention with lawless was what you mentioned but it could very well be so.

I had hoped they would change them back so I could lay claim to my area but they never did and now I'm ok with it.

They were proud to launch the game as a mixture of Ark and sailing the seas as pirates so I don't know how much they really want to break away from.

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2 minutes ago, Eve BlackVeil said:

Lawless Servers were introduced I think day 1? Because we couldnt log into the freeport servers. They were full. They then opened up other servers for us to use so people could actually log in and play. However these did not contain a freeport. I don't remember them specifically saying their intention with lawless was what you mentioned but it could very well be so.

I had hoped they would change them back so I could lay claim to my area but they never did and now I'm ok with it.

They were proud to launch the game as a mixture of Ark and sailing the seas as pirates so I don't know how much they really want to break away from.

Day 1 we were only able to spawn in freeports and we hit a huge choke point. They then allowed people to spawn on lawless zones to help remove the bottle necks but it was still so many people. Lawless also had the freeport max level 8 cap.


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