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  1. Eve BlackVeil

    Major D3D/Hung crashes today

    Is this verified? I am constantly now getting this crash and I am away from home base to breed animals. I want to sail home but I'm afraid of crashing and being destroyed by all hostility on the seas in turn losing all 7 of my animals.
  2. Eve BlackVeil

    Single player crashing at startup

    I play the normal official atlas and I have randomly crashed to desktop a couple times this past week. It's like I was even running the game. No error nothing. Just closes and disappeared.
  3. This is a new issue for me as well. Might have started around the same time as OP actually. It's BAD. I have tried every suggestions from the internet but with no help. I have lost tames due to this while being out gathering. It's unreal engine. WTH is the fix ffs. I just want to play. I've also started getting a Bad Module Info crash often all of sudden too. I actually have a similar set up as the OP. Built it in Feb. I'm so sad. I have a serious illness and use this game as stress relief. I'm not on Single Player like OP. Just official normal server.
  4. Eve BlackVeil

    New islands coming summertime

    When they mentioned the words another "mega update" it made me immediately tune into that word as AKA wipe. It makes me not want to even bother playing. I guess maybe I could browse Companies to join and finally stop rolling solo.
  5. Eve BlackVeil

    New islands coming summertime

    According to the new Captains Log, they are going to introduce more islands this summer with another mega update. Soooooo is this gonna be another wipe?? Only curious how much effort I want to put into building until then.
  6. Eve BlackVeil

    Ship anchored at island in peace phase

    I completely understand where he is coming from. I don't like authority myself. I want to be free. I want my own set of rules. I'm taxed in RL why do I want taxed in game? Tis why I live on Lawless.
  7. Eve BlackVeil

    what has this latest patch done

    Battle Eye crashes are excessive with some servers.
  8. Just happened to me as well. Ffs Everyone on I9
  9. Eve BlackVeil

    Rejoin button missing?

    same. my character is stuck. I can't do anything at all. I thought it was from the latest patch since it came out while I was at work. This happened to you before the latest patch? When I have to choose join server it gives me a time out error first then connects me. EDIT: I just found this post.
  10. Eve BlackVeil

    no way to get water for irrigation

  11. Eve BlackVeil

    Cant access any menus

    I just logged on have no access to any menu screens. If I try to open my inventory it immediately closes. I can't get out of my house or access my animals. No menus show up to do anything. Please help. My character is completely stuck from doing anything right now. I have ran the integrity verification on the game multiple times. EDIT: Ok. Thank goodness for this post.
  12. Eve BlackVeil

    Water Barrels not refilling in tropical

    Thank you for posting this. I was about to submit this bug. I'm in the desert where it doesn't rain. It no longer fills over time at all. I think it may be the same for the stone reservoirs as well.
  13. Eve BlackVeil

    Shark Hunting

    I like this idea. I would like to have some kills up on my wall for sure. Hell I would like to have a full size gorgon statue.
  14. Eve BlackVeil

    Not really a pirate game.

    The original video advertisements for this game were very misleading weren't they.
  15. Eve BlackVeil

    Can we just have one server to suit all?

    Great post! It's domination!