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I read some post and come with interesting ideas.

Flags. 2 flag per person and additional buff so other players can't place a flag next to your flag. Remove sea flags. All flags will have an upkeep cost. If you join to the company you flag cost add to company cost with the condition if flags are next to each other and will cost 50% less to unkeep. So you don't have to check each flag. Unkeep cost is essential because if the player stopped playing the game so the flag will disappear together with buildings so someone else has a chance to find land. Also, remove the leaderboard system with flags.

Kings. To be a king you need to form a kingdom. The kingdom is like alliance but work in a different way. One unique kingdom can be in the game and kingdom only covers one island. To form a kingdom you need a minimum of 5 companies and 20 players. Once the kingdom is established on the island then you have to vote for king. Only one player from the company and companies who are kindom can be a candidate. Minimum 20 votes must be in order to elect a king (example - 10 votes for 1 candidate, 5 votes for the second candidates and 5 votes for the third candidates. So total we have 20 votes). It will be a special building where companies participate in elections. Once you become a king now you can control the island. You can remove flags, you can destroy buildings. Kings can make a trade route between kindoms. Trade routes gives you speed bonus but if you started to fight you lose buff and have a one-hour cooldown. You only can have 5 trade routes with other kindoms. The example you have trade route from A1 to B3 so sever will make the shortest route and give speed buff only in this grids. Kings can rise and lower taxes. Kings also can reduce I keep cost for flags. All unkeep cost from flags goes into kingdom stash. Kingdom also gives a buff to resources harvesting, taming, intelligent and crafting speed. This buff only applies in the kingdom range and companies who joined to the kingdom. If companies left the kingdom it means the kingdom with one company is not a kingdom. In this case you have to form again a kingdom and do election again. Companies can only in one kingdom.

Alliance. It still be the same at it is now.


Please give your opinion and is anything you would like to add or remove.


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