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Olympics Atlas

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20 minutes ago, rysiek1280@interia.pl said:

hello, you can create an island where the horse racing Olympics or lions' fight at the coliseum will take place. Once a week, everyone will come with their best animals to fight for the prize

Yea everyone will come but server will leave.

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i did something like this when i still played.. i built a pretty nice fight pits... problem is, in the fight pits, you can only fight non company people and alliance people. I think also, alliance members get reduced damage. i'm not exactly sure. I tried having an alliance tournament but it failed hard 😢 Parrying is a joke... but dodging is a cool mechanic. Someone with even half the melee skill tree will totally dominate someone without the tree at all. 

Heres some images of the pits. Not super fancy but it worked well.

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