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Capt Pugwash

HMS Victory Build, "Ship of the Line"Class

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So I am new to Atlas tried to play Ark but I just couldn't get into it, however Atlas is a different story. I am in the first year of my Games Developer, Animation Degree, and I feel like doing some content design for a mod, I.e. another class of Ship. 

I have been giving it some thought and I was wondering if we need a harder ship to build I.e.  maybe something like a "Ship of the line" - "Elizabeth Class" ship if you historically look at a "Ship of the line class" they Dwarf most ships, even Galleons. I believe there is a real apatite for living and basing a faction off a ship I feel if the game had this it would solve a lot of problems. to that end I am proposing to build a "Faction class vessel" only one can be owned by a faction "Company" and it will take a huge amount of recourse's to build "not that grinding to build is hard enough". the idea is that the ship is very end game i.e. lots of guns, space carry weight, HP ,Slow , venerable easy to attack. However can be protected by a fleet of Galleons, Brigs etc, like a modern aircraft carrier.  


I Don't think it will be to difficult to build but I feel like performance will be a real problem. so I do think the build will have to bear that in mind so poly limit etc, but using 3Dsmax and substance painter I am fairly confident that I can build at least the ships hull render it and work from there. I am In the proses of downloading the dev kit so I am hoping it has some or all of the plugins to do this, we will see.


there is around 500-600 years of amassing Primary - Secondary research on navel ships so I feel that this will help me keep a good sense of originality. the ships that exist are very good and I think the tier and class of ship sizes work well for the game. but I do feel like the galleon looks a little odd there are not many 6 mast ships, maybe that's why who knows. I've posted a link 

to a "Her majesties Navy" wiki, just as a observation this would have been a much better basis for constructing there ship portfolio for the game. ships class are normally measured by canon size

so if we take the galleon as standard it would have 50-100 guns depending on its class.  


Items to be built as it stands.

1. Ship of the ling ship Yard

2 Ship of the line (not sure if I am going to add new tech tree stuff i.e. sails canons?) 


Depending on how the build goes, and the complexities of the build integration I might complete the entire  list of ships not that I like a challenge. 



I anyone has any good ides to put forward to help don't hesitate to drop it in.  

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I really like this!

And I can already think of a few suggestions:

-name the special shipyard used to build these ships "Admiralty Dock"

-create new "colossal" masts, since line ships never had more than three masts (the speed version should be of be the same general shape as the smaller ones, the weight version should have the gaff sail below and one or two square sails above, and the handling version should be lateen, and smaller in apparent size)

-at least two ship models would be essential: a first-rate and a seventy-four; the first-rate would have at least 100 guns (counting only the broadsides; they both should have at least a pair of stern chasers), and I'll leave you to guess how many broadside guns the seventy-four has 😉

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14 hours ago, Captain kidd22 said:

so what is the difference of the ship of the line and a man o war then they both sound the same?

Pretty much the same thing.

A ship of the line would generally refer to anything in the first, second and third rates (Which basically boils down to how many guns a ship has, and whichever country is rating them).

Man o' War is a catch-all term for warship (iir it stems from most ships being referred to as female, but because during the era war was considered a mans job, a dedicated warship was often refereed to as male)

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