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Elephant change in patch 15

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Dear Developers,

99% of the time I have been in stride with your choices (Atlas and Ark), but this is a huge mistake.  I get your thinking of tames as a supplement to the game, not a focus.  I completely agree.  This game is for exploration and other various things that make a sandbox world a lot of fun!  I would offer some caution and I will use World of Warcraft as an example.  In the Warlords of Draenor expansion Blizzard implemented the stronghold system and the mission tables.  This was a bad idea, not because it wasn't cool, but because it removed everyone from the world.  Nobody saw anyone, and it killed the game community because everyone was stuck in their small area "playing the game".

This change is quite similar.  You are removing a mechanic that frees up players to engage the community more.  We, as a community, will now spend more time on our islands farming up wood by hand.  You are removing, in our experience and opinions, the only reason for taming an elephant.  This change will significantly impact game play for us (it's a pretty big negative impact for me, personally).  In my thinking, what is the point of reducing ship costs to make ships more available if you remove the gains you get for gathering the most important resource?  That make no sense to me.  You have just undone a change you made a few weeks ago with this nerf.

Please consider not only removing/reverting this change, but also implementing the elephant gathering benefit for each resource.  Stone on the rhino, thatch on Boar/Pig.  This change isn't about tames. This change is about exploration and the negative impact it's going to have on a vast majority of us.  You will take many players out of the world by inadvertently requiring them to spend much more time farming.  Small companies and solo players will likely NEVER have a brig or larger ship because the "payment" of farming for hours upon hours doesn't justify the reward of the ship itself.

The chances of me moving onto another game are quite significant if this change is implemented and kept.  It turns a game I am growing to enjoy more and more into a "farmville" game where I chop trees.  That's just not fun; ever.

Thanks for listening.


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